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Urgehal – Aeons in Sodom

Urgehal - Aeons in Sodom

Urgehal [Norway]
Aeons in Sodom
Full Length
Season of Mist
Black Metal

After the unfortunate demise of Trondr Nefas, I thought that Endezzma‘s Erotik Nekrosis would be the last that I hear of his works. But Urgehal and Season of Mist this year surprised me with a brand new Urgehal record. Despite having lost much touch with the extreme metal genres, I decided to just have a listen to Aeons in Sodom without putting much thought into the background of the album.

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SHINING: “Framtidsutsikter” Now Streaming

SHINING are now revealing a brand new track taken from their forthcoming full-length ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’. The soul crushing song “Framtidsutsikter” is now streaming below.

Niklas Kvarforth comments: “Following similar paths as several other ‘ballads’ of ours, ‘Framtidsutsikter’ (‘Future Prospects’), melds all of them together into an epic journey in a downward spiral. Coincidence and the pure joy of creating something horrible made this song into what it is. Relying on a pulsating vibe of hopelessness and despair, this song is for me personally almost unbearable to listen to. That will make things extremely interesting when performing it live, and it will probably be considered as one of the darker turns in our two decades long career. All hail misery!”

IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’ has been scheduled for release on April 20th (one day later in North America). The album can be pre-ordered in various formats including collectors’ editions via the Season of Mist shop.

SHINING have previously revealed that their cover artwork has been created by Daniele Serra. The renowned illustrator is well known for his collaboration with Joe R. Lansdale for the praised graphic novel “I Tell You It’s Love” among numerous other award winning works. Daniele Serra regularly contributes for companies such as Weird Tales Magazine and DC Comics, and is behind the stunning illustrations for the new and already award nominated “Hellraiser: Bestiary” series.

Artwork and track-list of ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’ can be seen below.


1. Den Påtvingade Tvåsamheten
2. Vilja & Dröm
3. Framtidsutsikter
4. Människotankens Vägglösa Rum
5. Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna
6. Besök Från I(ho)nom

Shining - IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends

SHINING: “Vilja & Dröm” Available For Streaming

SHINING are now unleashing the first new track taken from their forthcoming full-length ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’, which cover artwork and track list have just been unveiled. The song “Vilja & Dröm” is available for streaming below.

Niklas Kvarforth comments: “The time has come to share a little bit of the darkness that will infect the world’s population in a few months. Our song chosen for this specific event is called ‘Vilja & Dröm’. This track reminds me of our earlier days, when I was still mostly focusing on metal. However, it also represents a great leap into the terrible shift-shaping darkness that is our ninth album!”

‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’ has been scheduled for release on the 20th of April 2015. The album can now be pre-ordered in various formats including collectors’ editions via the Season of Mist shop.

On further news, SHINING are revealing more album details. The cover artwork has been created by Daniele Serra. This renowned illustrator recently collaborated with Joe R. Lansdale for the praised graphic novel “I Tell You It’s Love”. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the British Fantasy Award in the category “Best Artist”. Daniele Serra regularly works for companies such as Weird Tales Magazine and DC Comics, and is behind the stunning illustrations for the new and already award nominated “Hellraiser: Bestiary” series.

Artwork and track-list of ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’ can now be viewed below.

1. Den Påtvingade Tvåsamheten
2. Vilja & Dröm
3. Framtidsutsikter
4. Människotankens Vägglösa Rum
5. Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna
6. Besök Från I(ho)nom

Shining - IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends

SHINING Unveils Title For Upcoming Album

SHINING have announced the title and release date of their forthcoming full-length. ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’ will hit the streets on the 20th of April via Season of Mist. Pre-sale is scheduled to begin on February 4th.

Mastermind Niklas Kvarforth comments: “SHINING, the ninth, has been given the name of ‘IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends’. For once I am extremely pleased with how this album turned out. I believe that the fevered presence of filth and uncompromising darkness is more prominent than ever before. Not only will our more recent fan-base ‘enjoy’ the oppression contained therein, but I am also certain that those who stopped listening to SHINING after our fifth album will find the new one plague-ridden with what some might have felt was lacking on the more recent efforts… that atmosphere of old.”

SHINING will also launch a new website today and the band’s official merchandise store remains active as well.


SHINING Signs With Season Of Mist

At long last, Season of Mist is thrilled to welcome extreme metal lunatics SHINING to the roster! SHINING is made of mastermind Niklas Kvarforth (vocals, concept, guitars) and his “toolbox”: Rainer Tuomikanto (drums), Christian Larsson (bass), Euge Valovirta (guitar), and Peter Huss (guitar). The Swedes’ forthcoming ninth full-length should hit the stores early 2015.

Frontman Kvarforth issued the following statement about the signing: “After a long period of negotiations and discussions that lasted almost eight years, I have now chosen to grant Season of Mist the privilege of releasing the next SHINING album. We have also once again decided to work with Andy La Roque and record at his Sonic Train facilities. The ceremony is set to begin in September, and thus my ninth child can be expected in early 2015.”

The pioneers of what is today referred to as “suicidal black metal”, SHINING has been spreading chaos and mayhem throughout the planet since 1996. With eight highly acclaimed albums behind them, and 70+ members fired between the years 2002 and 2011, SHINING has finally found a line-up that has lasted longer than two years. Now the band is fully prepared to shed some genuine darkness into an otherwise shallow scene that relies mostly on overused theatrics and the camouflage offered by alter egos.

“It has cost us a lot doing what we do, but it has all been worth it. We are now a fantastic constellation that is able to put on the kind of show that I’ve been striving for since the very day I gave birth to this sick child of mine nearly two decades back”, says Kvarforth.

Shadowed by controversy and “scandals”, SHINING appears, on the surface at least, to have had a rather tough time over the last couple of years, but the band shrugs it all off with nonchalant ease as largely rumour mongering and single eye-witness reports that have very little basis in fact. Not only is a SHINING show executed with almost excessive perfection, but it is also a must for everyone who longs for something darker and more sinister than that which is provided by run-of-the-mill Black Metal bands. It’s not a coincidence SHINING has been acclaimed as the Guns N’ Roses of the extreme metal community!

Shining 2014

Album Review: Den Saakaldte – Faen I Helvete

Den Saakaldte - Kapittel II

Den Saakaldte [Norway]
Faen I Helvete
Full Length
Agonia Records
Black Metal

The thing that brought Den Saakaldte‘s 2009 debut All Hail Pessimism to my attention was the ability for the band to fuse cold, depressive black metal with slight avant-garde of bands such as Sigh to create a unique and memorable release. Hence, I eagerly awaited the band’s sophomore full length, Faen I Helvete, after 5 long years, curious what they now have in place for fans.

Unfortunately, on Faen i HelveteDen Saakaldte takes the more well-trodden path, with most of the album sounding like classic Norwegian black metal, though this is not to say that there is any lack of quality material on the album. The elements that made All Hail Pessimism a record that stuck to my mind are now mostly suppressed or gone, but in all honesty this is about the only complaint that I have of Faen i Helvete.

Anyway, the band’s influences from compatriots are obvious, and the riffs of Skyelig and Kvebek all bear rather strong resemblances to pioneers such as Mayhem and Gorgoroth, though there are also moments where the band bring in some slight punkish vibe not unlike that of Satyricon‘s later works. The coldness emanated from Den Saakaldte‘s music would also ensure that fans of early Ragnarok or Setherial are satisfied. The more aggressive moments on the album even brings in some Swedish vibe, from the belligerence in the more frantic and high octane moments to the slower and doomish moments on Du Selvproklamerte misjonaer bringing Marduk‘s discography to mind.

To keep things interesting, Den Saakaldte also puts in some elements of ritualism and the occult, with the creepy clean singing that appear at times throughout the album, sending chills down the listener’s back. Songs like Forbanna Idioter even has some inhuman shrieks and howls to create that haunting atmosphere in the air.

Some of my favourite black metal bands of late (such as BehexenMarduk, Koldbrann, et al.) have seen a shift to an updated style of old school black metal with a slight modern touch to their sound, and it seems that Den Saakaldte is heading towards a similar direction as well. But the band has managed to keep the listener enchanted, and while it lacks the weirdness of their debut, Faen i Helvete is still a powerful album in itself.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Den Saakaldte on the internet:
Official website
Agonia Records

Heavy Metal News – August 09, 2013

SOULFLY: ‘Bloodshed’ Lyric Video Released

Reposted from Blabbermouth.net

The official lyric video for the new SOULFLY song “Bloodshed” can be seen at this location. The track features a guest appearance by SOULFLYmainman Max Cavalera‘s son Igor Cavalera (of LODY KONG).

Comments Max: “The song is about the absurdity of the human condition in territories plagued by bloodshed all over the world. Not just recent events like Iraq, but also historical conflicts such as the U.S. Civil War, World Wars I and II, etc.”

“Bloodshed” comes off SOULFLY‘s ninth album, “Savages”, which will be released on October 4 via the band’s new label home, Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The CD was produced by Terry Date, who is known for his work with such acts as PANTERADEFTONES and SOUNDGARDEN, among many others. Additional guest vocal appearances on “Savages”include SOULFLY bass player Tony CamposCLUTCH‘s Neil Fallon,NAPALM DEATH‘s Mitch Harris and Jamie Hanks of I DECLARE WAR.

“Savages” will be released as a limited-edition digpack CD, 2LP vinyl and digital download.

“Savages” track listing:

01. Bloodshed (feat. Igor Cavalera)
02. Cannibal Holocaust
03. Fallen (feat. Jamie Hanks)
04. Ayatollah Of Rock ‘N’ Rolla (feat. Neil Fallon)
05. Master Of Savagery
06. Spiral
07. This Is Violence
08. K.C.S. (feat. Mitch Harris)
09. El Comegente (feat. Tony Campos)
10. Soulfliktion

Limited-edition CD and 2LP vinyl bonus tracks:

11. Fuck Reality
12. Soulfly IX

The cover artwork for “Savages” was created by renowned artist Paul Stottler, who is best known for his work on SACRED REICH‘s legendary“Surf Nicaragua” cover.

Date previously mixed SOULFLY‘s “3” (2002), “Prophecy” (2004) and“Dark Ages” (2005) albums, but had never produced any of the group’s CDs.

The drum tracks on the new SOULFLY CD were laid down by Max‘s 21-year-old son, Zyon Cavalera, who joined the band as its touring drummer for its recent rampage through North America.

Zyon previously played with SOULFLY during the band’s tour of Brazil in February 2012.

It is Zyon‘s unborn heartbeat that can be heard during the intro ofSEPULTURA‘s classic song “Refuse/Resist”, which appeared on the band’s RIAA-gold-certified “Chaos A.D.” album, released three years before Max‘s departure from the group.

Commented Max Cavalera: “Recording ‘Savages’ was an amazing experience for me. I was so excited to work with Terry Date, whom I consider to be one of the best producers of all time. He has done some great records and we have been in contact for awhile since he mixed three SOULFLY albums in the past. He came to see SOULFLY whenever we played in Seattle, and we finally made it work that he would be the producer for ‘Savages’.

“My teammates were awesome. Marc [Rizzo, guitar] did some crazy guitar noises and we did a ‘Mars Part Two’ at the end of ‘El Comegente’; it’s very LED ZEPPELIN-influenced and Marc kicked some ass on it.

“I wrote ‘El Comegente’ with Tony Campos. It’s in Portuguese and Spanish and it’s about Vargas — a Venezuelan cannibal from the ’80s. He is the Hannibal Lecter of the Andes. Crazy shit!

“I worked for the first time on a full album with my son, Zyon. Before recording the album I first worked closely at home with him in preproduction, and it was great to spend weeks on the songs with Zyon, shaping the sound of the record.

Zyon did a great job and he hits really hard just like his uncle Igor.

“It was amazing recording with my son. A whole record! A dream come true for a father whose life is dedicated to metal. ‘Savages’ is a celebration of all that.”


ICED EARTH Completes Recording New Album

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North American metallers ICED EARTH have finished recording their new album, “Plagues Of Babylon”, for a January 2014 via Century Media Records.

Says ICED EARTH guitarist/mainman Jon Schaffer: “There’s quite a selection of epic heaviness on your way, for release early next year.

“We arrived in Sweden and are heading on to Portugal for a few festivals, and then on Monday, we start the mix!”

Speaking to Metal4 magazine at last month’s Rockharz open-air festival in Germany, Schaffer said about the upcoming CD: “It’s a bit of a different thing for us, because it’s half of a concept and the other half is [standalone] tracks. Musically, I think it’s just another step in the right direction. It’s really heavy, it’s very melodic. It has a really epic feeling. Even though there isn’t, like, a monster, long epic track, the overall feel of the songs is very epic. I mean, there’s no ‘Dante’s Inferno’ or‘Gettysburg’ or the ‘Something Wicked’ trilogy or something like that on here, but I’m really happy with it.”

Songtitles set to appear on “Plagues Of Babylon” (among others):

Plagues of Babylon
Among The Living Dead
The Resistance
If I Could See You

ICED EARTH recently parted ways with drummer Brent Smedley for “personal family reasons.” He has since been replaced by Raphael Saini(CHAOSWAVE).

ICED EARTH has been hitting it relentlessly, with the recent studio album, “Dystopia”, being the most toured album in the band’s illustrious history.

One of the many highlights of the “World Dystopia Tour”, a headline show at the historic Kourion Amphitheatre in Cyprus, was recently released on Blu-ray, DVD and in many other formats under the title “Live In Ancient Kourion”.

“Dystopia” was released in October 2011 via Century Media Records. The CD marked the band’s recording debut with singer Stu Block (INTO ETERNITY), who joined ICED EARTH in March 2011 following the departure of Matt Barlow.


Sweden’s SHINING Announces Track Listing And Guest Performers For Upcoming Album

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The long-awaited details about which vocalists would be featuring on “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd”, the new album from Sweden’sSHINING, have been announced today, and not unsurprisingly Niklas Kvarforth has chosen some of the most iconic frontmen from the extreme metal genre, as well as a some perhaps surprising choices, to take part in the project.

Track listing on “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” and featured vocalists as follows:

01. Terres Des Anonymes (featuring Famine of PESTE NOIRE)
02. Szabadulj Meg Önmagadtól (featuring Attila Csihar of MAYHEM, TORMENTOR)
03. Ett Liv Utan Mening (featuring Pehr Larsson of ALFAHANNE)
04. Selvdestruktivitetens Emissarie (featuring Gaahl of GOD SEED, WARDRUNA, ex-GORGOROTH)
05. Black Industrial Misery (featuring Maniac of SKITLIV, ex-MAYHEM)
06. Through Corridors Of Oppression (featuring KVARFORTH himself)

The six songs on “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” date back toSHINING‘s “Livets Ändhållplats” and “Angst” era and are in their original pre-production form, with the addition of newly recorded bass and guitars as well as Lars Fredrik Fröslie (ANGST SKVADRON,WOBBLERASMEGIN) on keyboards, which the band didn’t start using until their sixth album. Set for release on Dark Essence Records on September 23, “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” will be available both in CD and limited-edition black or white 12-inch vinyl versions, with liner notes by Niklas Kvarforth. All three versions are now available to pre-order from Dark Essence Records at this location.

SHINING founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth has wanted to do this project for many years now, and he allowed all the vocalists free rein to interpret the songs as they wished and also to sing in their own native languages. Something that Dark Essence‘s Martin Kvam feels fits right in with the label’s ethos of mixing tradition with innovation.

“With ‘8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd’SHINING has really encapsulated what we enjoy doing most as a label, looking back as it does to an earlier period, but with a completely fresh approach and different interpretation of what have now become classics in the field of extreme metal. SHINING fans are certainly not going to be disappointed when they hear what this album has to offer.”


For more news and updates, head down to http://heavymetaltribune.tumblr.com/

Heavy Metal News – July 23, 2013

OVERKILL To Release New Album In March

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New Jersey thrash metal veterans OVERKILL are working on their new studio album for a March 2014 release.

In a recent interview with Radiosuicide Photography’s RSPTV,OVERKILL vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth stated about the band’s plans for the coming months: “There’s six songs done [for the next record so far]. What we’re gonna do in the interim is we’re gonna come over while recording and do European festivals. After that, we do a U.S. tour with the German band called KREATOR. It’s gonna be a flip-flop headline; we’ll close the shows on the East Coast in those theaters and they’ll close on the West Coast in theaters, or big clubs. After that, we drop the record in March, it hits the street. They even gave me the date as March 7 already, so we’re that far planned ahead for those type of activities. And after that, I’m sure that what we’re gonna do is just start rolling these tours again. And I think that as we’ve gotten older, one of the things that we like is that we actually do more tours, but we do less touring; we’re not away from home for three months or sixty days, we’re away from home for three or four weeks. Three weeks is a great tour for a guy my age. Because then you don’t have to recover for a month when you come home. [laughs]”

As previously reported, OVERKILL released a very special limited tour edition of its latest album, “The Electric Age”, in Europe on April 19 viaNuclear Blast Records. The limited 2CD tour edition includes the regular album as well as a four additional live tracks on a bonus CD, recorded at The Metro in Sidney, Australia on September 25, 2010.

“The Electric Age” sold 6,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 77 on The Billboard 200 chart.

“The Electric Age” was recorded and mixed at Gear Recording Studiosin New Jersey, owned and operated by OVERKILL bassist D.D. Verni.

To honor and celebrate Record Store Day on April 20, Nuclear Blast andOVERKILL released a limited-edition 10-inch copper-colored vinyl in gatefold containing four live tracks recorded at The Metro in Sidney, Australia on September 25, 2010.

OVERKILL was forced to drop off the “Dark Roots Of Thrash” tour withTESTAMENT in February due to Ellsworth’s bout with pneumonia.


GWAR: New Album Details Revealed

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Antarctic rock gods GWAR are set to return to the realms of man and reclaim their vice-like grip on the throat of hard-rock humanity after spending the last year-and-a-half working on their follow-up to 2011’s critically acclaimed “Bloody Pit Of Horror”. The new recording, “Battle Maximus”, is GWAR’s first full-length studio effort since the loss of their longtime guitar player Flattus Maximus, and is set to hit the streets on September 17 on Metal Blade Records.

“This album is both a tribute to Flattus and a telling of the next chapter in the story of GWAR,” said warty front-thing Oderus Urungus. “The combo of the brand new album and show should satisfy even the most hardcore Flattus devotee with the fact that GWAR’s slay-skills are as supreme as ever, and the band stands poised to embark on our most earth-shattering world tour yet. We have mourned, we have honored, and now it’s time to fucking DEVASTATE in the name of Flattus and the supreme entity that is GWAR.”

Oderus continued: “This is our first record in our brand-new Slave Pit Studios, which Flattus had a lead role in designing, but without him we had no one left to twiddle the buttons, much less play the blazing metal leads and provide the musical direction that rescued GWAR from the depths of clown-band obscurity. I mean, Balsac is no slouch, but Flattus’ departure left a huge hole in our band. We had no choice. We had to blow the Horn of Hate…”

Check out the first track, “Madness At The Core Of Time”, at this location.

The Horn of Hate is an ancient Slave Pit contraption that summons all the Scumdogs in the Universe in the unlikely event that one of them is killed in battle, disintegrated, or becomes a Mormon. As the cosmic tones echoed throughout the universe (which unfortunately sounds like a giant duck-fart), the Maximus tribe answered the call by traveling to Earth to wage the mighty “Battle Maximus”, a musical trial-by-combat for the right to follow in the footsteps of Flattus. When the dust had settled, but one Scumdog remained standing…the zit-encrusted and undeniably shred-tastic Pustulus Maximus.

“It is a highlight of my corpse-littered life to join my Scumdog brothers and continue the legendary legacy of the Maximus clan,” said newGWAR-tarist Pustulus Maximus. “I am not so happy that Oderusvandalized my space-ship, effectively marooning me on Earth, but fuck it…it’s time to ROCK!”

GWAR’s “Battle Maximus” features twelve brand new tracks that not only honor their departed ally, but tells the story of GWAR’s latest struggle against what may be their greatest enemy yet… the insidious “Mr. Perfect”, who has travelled through time itself to steal the power ofGWAR — the power of immortality, and use this power to mutate the human race into his twisted vision of what the “perfect” human should be. Once again GWAR finds themselves as the only thing standing between the human race and the latest super-powered shithead bent on the destruction of GWAR and the enslavement of their worshippers.

“If anyone is gonna destroy the human race, it’s gonna be us…so get ready for the most epic struggle yet. ‘Battle Maximus’ is destined to further solidify GWAR’s place as the masters of Earth and Man, and no time-travelling demonic despot is going to change that, even if we have to kick his ass in every venue from the most puke-smeared club to the most illustrious festival stages worldwide,” said Oderus. “The new show is going to feature Mr. Perfect eating his own ass nightly, as well asGWAR torturing the most annoying figures in the world of entertainment, politics, and religion. Prepare yourselves for the most awesome chapter in GWAR’s blood-soaked history yet. Hail Flattus!”

“Battle Maximus” track listing:

01. Intro
02. Madness At The Core Of Time
03. Bloodbath
04. Nothing Left Alive
05. They Swallowed The Sun
06. Torture
07. Raped At Birth
08. I, Bonesnapper
09. Mr. Perfect
10. Battle Maximus
11. Triumph Of The Pig Children
12. Falling
13. Fly Now

With the release date set for September 17, the Slaves of GWAR are in a period of frantic activity as they prepare not only for the new album/show, but the fourth annual GWAR-B-Q, presented by Ring-Dog Rescue and Slave Pit Inc., and backed up by the fine folks at Brown Distributing. The event is slated to take place Saturday, August 17 in Richmond, Virginia at Hadad’s Lake Water Park. With acts like GWAR,MUNICIPAL WASTECORROSION OF CONFORMITYPIG DESTROYER, and the reunion of the legendary X-COPS, this year’s bill is possibly the greatest yet assembled in the blood-spattered history of GWAR’s ever-expanding festival. Additional events include the “B4-B-Q” and the “GWA-fter Party”.


TÝR To Release ‘Valkyrja’ In September

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“Valkyrja”, the seventh full-length album from the Faroe Islands nativesTÝR, will be released on September 17 (one day earlier internationally) via Metal Blade Records.

TÝR once again collaborated with Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. Along with Hansen, the band recruited acclaimed drummer George Kollias to act as studio drummer and LEAVES’ EYESvocalist Liv Kristine joined vocalist/guitarist Heri Joensen for a vocal duet on “The Lay of Our Love”.

Limited-edition pre-order bundles are available that include TÝR rune pendants, t-shirt, vinyl LP, and the CD.

The opening track to the album, “Blood Of Heroes”, is streaming now at this location.

“Valkyrja” is a concept album with a story line based loosely around an anonymous Viking age warrior who leaves his woman and goes off to impress the Valkyrie on the battlefield so that she may bring him to Valhalla, or to Fólkvangr, the home of Freyja — the goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death. One can say the album is also indirectly about women and how they affect men and what men will do to impress and obtain women.

Comments Joensen: “The woman that the warrior leaves may represent the earthly women. Freyja, The Lady Of The Slain, may represent the perfection of Women, and the Valkyrie is the link between the two, taking men from earthly to godly women.”

TÝR will be on tour in Europe in September/October with FINNTROLL.


SHINING: ‘8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd’ Cover Artwork Unveiled

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The cover artwork (by Michal Pawlowski) for “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd”, the new album from Swedish extreme metallersSHINING, can be seen below. The CD will be released on September 23 via Dark Essence Records.

“8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” will be made available in both CD and limited-edition black or white 12-inch vinyl versions, with liner notes by Niklas Kvarforth. All three versions are now available to pre-order at this location.

While the use of the number 8 ½ may seem a little strange to denote what would effectively be a ninth full-length album from the band, its use is deliberate because “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” is a rather special beast from SHINING, consisting of six songs from the“Livets Ändhållplats” and “Angst” era in their original pre-production versions but with the addition of newly recorded bass and guitars, as well as Lars Fredrik Fröslie’s (ANGST SKVADRONWOBBLERASMEGIN) keyboards, which the band didn’t start using until their sixth album. Additionally, the vocals on each of the tracks will be performed by six different vocalists, including Kvarforth, who have added their own interpretation and given a totally different dimension to all the songs. It’s a project that the SHINING founder and frontman has wanted to do for many years now, and it is also serves as a kick in the teeth to all the bootleggers who have tried to illegally earn money for themselves off the back of the band’s hard work and creativity.


FORGOTTEN TOMB to release live in-studio album on vinyl

Blackened doom metal masters FORGOTTEN TOMB will release their live in-studio album “Vol. 5” for the first time on vinyl, on the 27th of August viaAgonia Records.

Originally released in 2010 on CD only, the entire album contains of tracks from the 1999-2009 period of band’s activity. All included songs have been re-recorded during one studio session, and some of them come with alternative lyrics.

The release will be available on a double vinyl in 2 versions: 1st limited to 77 copies on a double coloured vinyl (black and orange) with a woven logo patch (10cm x 5,8cm); 2nd limited to 250 copies on a double orange vinyl with a fat black splatter.

Pre-orders are available at: https://www.agoniarecords.com/index.php?pos=shop&lang=en&section=search&what=Vol.+5.+1999%2F2009&x=-827&y=-185


LP 1
1.     Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover) / Subway Apathy
2.     Solitude Ways
3.     A Dish Best Served Cold
4.     Disheartenment / Alone / Steal My Corpse
5.     Daylight Obsession
6.     Papercuts (Nirvana cover)

LP 2
1.     Spectres Over Venice
2.     Love’s Burial Ground
3.     Entombed by Winter / House of Nostalgia
4.     Scars
5.     Depression (Black Flag cover) / Feedback


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Heavy Metal News – June 22, 2013

NEWSTED: ‘Heroic Dose’ Song Available For Free Download

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“Heroic Dose”, a brand new song from NEWSTED — the new band led by former METALLICAVOIVOD and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassistJason Newsted — can be downloaded for free at this location. The track comes off NEWSTED’s full-length debut, “Heavy Metal Music”, which will be released on August 6 in North America via Chophouse Records/Collective Sounds and August 5 in Europe through Spinefarm RecordsJason told Billboard.com the 11-song album will be very similar to the band’s debut EP, “Metal”, which sold around 6,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 62 on The Billboard 200 chart. “The EP was always intended to be the primer, a sampler of what was to come on the LP,” he said. “It’s all metal all the time. It’s not all fast, but it is all heavy.”

“Heavy Metal Music” track listing:

01. Heroic Dose
02. Soldierhead
03. …As The Crow Flies
04. Ampossible
05. Long Time Dead
06. Above All
07. King Of The Underdogs
08. Nocturnus
09. Twisted Tail Of The Comet
10. Kindevillusion
11. Futureality

NEWSTED has been confirmed for this year’s edition of Gigantour, the critically acclaimed package festival founded in 2005 by MEGADETHmainman Dave Mustaine. Also scheduled to appear on the bill are headliners MEGADETH, along with BLACK LABEL SOCIETYDEVICE,HELLYEAH and DEATH DIVISION.

NEWSTED kicked off its first-ever U.S. tour on April 19 at Red House in Walnut Creek, California. The 14-date trek concluded on May 23 in Asbury Park, New Jersey and has led into a number of European festival appearances for the band, which is rounded out by STAIND guitaristMike Mushok, drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. and guitarist Jessie Farnsworth.


Jason Newsted – Bass, Lead Vocals
Jessie Farnsworth – Guitar, Backing Voice
Mike Mushok (STAIND) – Guitar


SHINING: Special Release ‘8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd’ Due In September

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Dark Essence Records will release an album with different SHININGsongs that hark back to an earlier era for the Swedish extreme metal band. Rather than simply re-issue the original tracks, SHINING has decided not only to re-record the songs, but re-record them using a number of different vocalists. The album, which will be available in both CD and LP versions will be titled “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” and will appear in September of this year.

Commenting on the idea behind the album, SHINING founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth had this to say: “Some of you may remember that five years ago we revealed that we had plans to re-record our debut album and then have six different vocalists doing their own interpretations of the songs instead of merely having them singing on the already set paradigms. You may also be aware that recently we have been working extremely hard to reclaim our birthright by releasing older bootlegs through our webshop in an effort to put an end to this fucking bootlegging bullshit that has been infecting our aura for as long as we’ve been around. So we thought that since the new SHINING full-length album is still in the making now would be the right time to combine a bit of both those projects.

‘8 ½ – Febedrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd’ consist of six songs from the‘Livets Ändhållplats’ and ‘Angst’ era in their original pre-production versions, with newly recorded bass and guitars on top and the malevolent brilliance of Lars Fredrik Fröslie’s keyboard magic, which sadly we didn’t start using until the sixth album. Six vocalists whom we all find both inspiring and ‘otherworldly’ have blessed the album with their madness, some of them even in their native languages. At first, my initial thought was that it might turn out a bit too strange. But after hearing some of our classic songs in French, Hungarian and Norwegian, I am certain the whole concept will please not only our loyal fan-base but even the contemptuous ones as well.”

Martin Kvam of Dark Essence Records, one of Norway’s leading extreme metal labels, said: “We’re very pleased to be working withNiklas Kvarforth on this special SHINING release. Dark Essence Records have always aimed to work with both innovation and tradition in the extreme metal genre, and this release is a perfect example of that. ‘8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd’ looks back, but at the same time, it also brings new life and new elements to these classic songs.”


SAINT VITUS: Reissue two classic albums; Announce Australian Tour

Heavy/Doom metal progenitors SAINT VITUS have announced the re-release of their two classic albums ‘COD’ (1992) and ‘Die Healing’ (1995). The new, expanded editions of these critically acclaimed full-lengths will be released on August 20th in North America via Season of Mist.

The re-issues of ‘COD’ and ‘Die Healing’ will be available on CD and limited-edition LPs. ‘Remastered and enhanced with two previously unreleased bonus tracks, ‘C.O.D.’ features COUNT RAVEN’s Christian Linderson on vocals, while ‘Die Healing’ sees original SAINT VITUS singer Scott Reagers return to the mic. All formats can be pre-ordered on Season of Mist’s e-shop. Both reissues are already available digitally on iTunes and all legal download or streaming platforms.

In addition, Saint Vitus have announced a July 4-date Australian tour starting on Thursday July, 18 in Brisbane and finishing up in Perth on July 21st.  Full dates and venues are below.


Saint Vitus previously released ‘Lillie: F-65’. The album, their first in 17 years, reunites the unmistakable guitar playing of co-founder Dave Chandler with the deeply resonate vocals of hard rock legend Scott “Wino” Weinrich. ‘Lillie: F-65’ is streaming at the official Saint Vitus Bandcamp page.

AMON AMARTH: Deceiver Of The Gods Streaming In Its Entirety Courtesy Of Ultimate-Guitar

With the long-anticipated release of AMON AMARTH’s Deceiver of the Gods now less than a week away, Ultimate-Guitar today hurls forth a stream of the band’s mammoth new studio recording in its entirety!

Bursting at the seams with authority, melody and immersive storytelling centered around the richness of Norse mythology, AMON AMARTH have consistently upped their game with each release in their storied discography and their ninth offering is no exception. Deceiver Of The Gods captures the quintet at the peak of their powers. Said Decibel Magazine in a 9/10 rating of the record: “Deceiver Of The Gods goes from rampaging to brooding to anthemic over a well-conceived trajectory…. This is an album that begs to be consumed in its entirety at every listen, just to get the full experience.”

Hear for yourself, for a limited time, courtesy of Ultimate-Guitar at THIS LOCATION.

Deceiver Of The Gods was recorded at Backstage Studios in Derbyshire, UK, produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap (Opeth, Megadeth, Exodus, Arch Enemy, Killswitch Engage) and bears another brilliant Tom Thiel-crafted cover depicting a mythical battle between the Norse Gods Loki and Thor.

With 2013 marking AMON AMARTH’s twenty-first year, as well as the fifteenth anniversary of their debut full-length, their longevity and reputation for releasing killer album after killer album places them on a similar trajectory to the likes of Slayer and Cannibal Corpse, which is rarified company to be in. Likewise, having seen many younger faces flocking to their shows alongside their longtime faithful, the band are enjoying themselves now as much as they ever have, and vocalist Johan Hegg wouldn’t have it any other way. “It feels fantastic that we’ve been able to do this for so long and managed to get this far, and it’s been a hell of a ride. I don’t think we’ve yet reached the limit of how far the band can go, and we still have plenty of aspirations – and opening for Iron Maiden one day remains high on the list! I’m just happy as long as we can continue doing this. I try not to lose myself in dreams of what might be and rather focus on where we’re at and what we’re doing right now, and having as much fun along the way as we can.

Deceiver of the Gods will be released in North America via Metal Blade Records June 25th, in Europe June 21st/24th and Japan on June 26th. Special preorder packages are still available at this location: http://www.metalblade.com/amonamarth.


For more news and updates, head down to http://heavymetaltribune.tumblr.com/

Heavy Metal News – April 09, 2013

SKELETONWITCH Begins Recording New Album

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Ohio metallers SKELETONWITCH have entered GodCity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts in April with producer Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE,KVELERTAKBLACK BREATH) to begin recording their fifth album for a fall release via Prosthetic Records.

Last month, SKELETONWITCH headlined Pitchfork’s “Show No Mercy”showcase at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, where they debuted a brand new song. You can view their entire performance below.

The band, which spent most of 2012 touring (including a rigorous 10-week headlining run during which they played 63 shows in 65 days), will headline the Calgary Metal Fest in June.

SKELETONWITCH recently completed the “U.S. Abomination”headlining tour with support from MUTILATION RITES and HAVOK.

The follow-up to 2009’s “Breathing The Fire”SKELETONWITCH’s latest album, “Forever Abomination”, was recorded at a Los Angeles studio with producer Matt Hyde (SLAYERMACHINE HEADKREATOR). The effort included the track “The Infernal Resurrection”, the demo version of which appears as the B-side on the final seven-inch of a limited-edition vinyl trilogy. This marked SKELETONWITCH’s first recording with the group’s new drummer, former DEMIRICOUS skin-pounder Dustin Boltjes.

The vinyl reissues of the SKELETONWITCH’s breakthrough releases“Breathing The Fire” and “Beyond The Permafrost” are now available from the Prosthetic store. Both are available in three variants — splatter, half-and-half and 180-gram black wax — and feature gatefold Stoughton “tip-on” record jackets. The black vinyl versions of both albums were made available in select retail stores in April 2012.


Norway’s SHINING Releases ‘I Won’t Forget’ Video

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Norwegian jazz-metal band SHINING have unveiled a video for “I Won’t Forget”, the first single from their upcoming album “One One One”, which can be viewed at this location. The clip’s science-fiction-inspired look gels naturally with the futuristic production of the audio track and creates a music video that perfectly portrays the unique aesthetics of the Blackjazz Rebels.

“We are extremely happy and excited to finally be able to show you our new video,” says SHINING frontman Jørgen Munkeby. “The song ‘I Won’t Forget’ is my absolute favorite of all the tracks we’ve ever made, and to be able to top this track off with such a beautiful, crisp and clean science fiction video is a dream come true.”

Director Kyrre Larsen, from the Blæst production company, comments: “Since I first heard [SHINING’s 2010 album] ‘Blackjazz’. I’ve somehow associated the sound of SHINING’s music with science-fiction. I tried to create a sense of this in the video for ‘Fisheye’ in 2012. ‘I Won’t Forget’builds on that video, but I wanted to take things one step further — and also avoid the style of imagery usually associated with heavier music.”

SHINING — whose unique “blackjazz” hybrid of extreme progressive metal, experimental jazz-fusion and industrial precision has earned extensive international acclaim — will release “One One One”, its first studio album in three years, this spring. The CD, which is available now for pre-order, will be released by Prosthetic Records in North America digitally on April 23, with physical releases on CD and gatefold LP to follow soon after. A teaser for the forthcoming music video for first single“I Won’t Forget” can be seen below.

Mixed and co-produced by Sean Beaven (NINE INCH NAILSMARILYN MANSONSLAYER) and mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering (AVENGED SEVENFOLDDEFTONESMINISTRY), “One One One” sees SHINING expanding on the musical palettes introduced on 2010’s landmark “Blackjazz”. That album — hailed by the New York Times as “a radioactive alloy of jazz and black metal” — scored a Norwegian Spellemann nomination (the Norwegian equivalent to theGrammy Awards), cracked the Norwegian Top 10 and saw the group tour around the globe, from high-profile U.S. events like South By Southwest and CMJ to the large stages of European summer festivals. One such performance was captured on “Live Blackjazz”, an ambitious CD/DVD released on 11.11.11 that saw the group perform the album in full before a sold-out crowd in their home country.

SHINING has already performed “One One One” live in its entirety in Norway, after which they were awarded the prestigious Statoilscholarship — essentially a grant to be used toward international touring. Accordingly, the band is already making plans to return to America, where their 2012 South By Southwest performance earned rave reviews (“SHINING are true rock stars…the best thing about the entire festival up until that point,” wrote MetalSucks).

It will be the latest step on an unorthodox career path that began with two acoustic jazz albums released at the turn of the century. From there,SHINING began to incorporate progressive rock and experimental metal influences on their next two releases, after which they famously collaborated with progressive black metal Vikings ENSLAVED on a concerto commissioned by a top European jazz festival. That union helped to influence the musical direction of “Blackjazz”, which in turn begat“One One One”.

“While ‘One One One’ is meant to complete the ‘Blackjazz Trilogy,’ it’s also definitely the catchiest and most immediate music we’ve ever recorded, thereby paving the way for another bright and brand new version of ourselves,” says SHINING frontman Jørgen Munkeby. “The idea this time around was to make a series of jazz-metal hits with no fillers, hence the name of the album, and I believe we’ve managed to do just that. I have never been as proud of an album as I am with this one.”

“One One One” track listing:

01. I Won’t Forget
02. The One Inside
03. My Dying Drive
04. Off The Hook
05. Blackjazz Rebels
06. How Your Story Ends
07. The Hurting Game
08. Walk Away
09. Paint The Sky Black


MASTERPLAN: ‘Novum Initium’ Teaser Video Available

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“Novum Initium”, the new album from multinational melodic metallersMASTERPLAN, will be released on May 17 via AFM Records.

The first trailer for the CD can be seen at this location.

“Novum Initium” track listing:

01. Per Aspera Ad Astra
02. The Game
03. Keep Your Dream Alive
04. Black Night Of Magic
05. Betrayal
06. No Escape
07. Pray On My Soul
08. Earth Is Going Down
09. Return From Avalon
10. Through Your Eyes
11. Novum Initium
12. 1492 (digipack bonus track)
13. Fear The Silence (digipack bonus track)

The “Novum Initium” digipack cover artwork can be seen below.

The band in February filmed a video for the song ” Keep Your Dream Alive” in the Luftverteidigungsbunker Erndtebrück, also called “Bunker Erich.”

A photo of MASTERPLAN’s new lineup can be seen below. Joining drummer Martin “Marthus” Skaroupka (CRADLE OF FILTH) are vocalist Rick Altzi (AT VANCESANDALINASTHUNDERSTONE), who replaces Jorn Lande, and bassist Jari Kainulainen (STRATOVARIUS,SYMFONIADEVIL’S TRAIN).

In a recent interview with Metal Shock FinlandMASTERPLANguitarist/leader Roland Grapow stated about the band’s new CD: “We are not leaving the MASTERPLAN path too much, but everything we have — the melodic part and a little bit progressive — I would say we’re a little bit more powerful and I’m also mixing the album this time. I want to get a little bit more modern, as the sound we have was created ten years ago. We’re still having the typical sound with melodies, but the drummer is amazing and plays a lot of crazy shit!”

MASTERPLAN’s new lineup:

Rick Altzi – vocals
Roland Grapow – guitars
Axel Mackenrott – keyboards
Jari Kainulainen – bass
Martin “Marthus” Skaroupka – drums

In an August 2011 interview with the Czech web portal Kultura21.cz,Grapow stated about MASTERPLAN’s numerous lineup changes: “I think it’s always difficult in this band, I guess. If you see, the first album just came out after a big turbulence — leaving HELLOWEENUli [Kusch, drums] and me. I think this band always needs some very bad moments to some great songs. [laughs] And it looks like MASTERPLAN, basically, is my main band, and whoever will sing and whoever will play in the band, I’m happy with. But, basically, at the moment, I’m thinking the main songwriters are Axel now and me. So whatever happens, this band will continue. It’s very important for me to show that we still have the power and the ability to write beautiful melodies and some aggression and rock and metal songs. Whatever we do, we want just to make good-quality stuff.”

MASTERPLAN’s last CD, “Time To Be King”, was released on May 21, 2010 through AFM Records. The CD’s first single, “Far From The End Of The World”, was issued on April 16, 2010.


GHOST: New Song Available For Streaming

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“Monstrance Clock”, a brand new song from the mysterious Swedish buzz band GHOST, can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget at this location. The track comes off the group’s sophomore album, “Infestissumam”, which will be released on April 16 via Loma Vista Recordings, the new record label founded by Tom Whalley in partnership with Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group.

According to SPIN.com, the release date of “Infestissumam” was pushed back a week after four compact disc manufacturers allegedly refused to print a piece of artwork that was meant for the deluxe version of the new CD. The manufacturers all took issue with the sacrilegious imagery, inspired by the work of Gustave Dore, which showcases what looks like a forest nymph orgy.

“We kept on getting turned down because of the CD art, which is basically a 16th century illustration of an orgy,” a source close to the band toldSPIN.com. “[The bandmembers] weren’t surprised. The comment was ‘Well, I thought this would have happened sooner.’ The artwork was meant to provoke some sort of thought, but it’s been one obstacle after another.”

The controversial art can still be found on both the vinyl and European copies of the “Infestissuman” CD. “Vinyl manufacturers don’t have a problem with the artwork. Neither does Europe,” the source toldSPIN.com.

“Infestissumam” track listing:

01. Infestissumam
02. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
03. Secular Haze
04. Jigolo Har Megiddo
05. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
06. Year Zero
07. Idolatrine
08. Body And Blood
09. Depth Of Satans Eyes
10. Monstrance Clock

GHOST was forced to modify its name in the U.S. to GHOST B.C. for “legal reasons.”

The band’s debut album, “Opus Eponymous”, was released in late 2010 in Europe and in early 2011 in North America via Rise Above Records.


KOLDBRANN: ‘Drammen’ Video Released

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“Drammen”, the new video from the the “true” Norwegian black metal act KOLDBRANN, can be seen at this location. Filmed and edited by Effektor, the clip features a guest solo by Destructhor (a.k.a. Thor Anders Myhren;MORBID ANGELZYKLONMYRKSKOG).

“Drammen” comes off KOLDBRANN’s third full-length album,“Vertigo”, which entered the official chart in the band’s home country at position No. 20. The CD was released on January 22 in North America and January 25 in Europe via Season Of Mist’s Underground Division.

On November 16, 2012, KOLDBRANN unleashed “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”, a seven-inch single strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, including a song from “Vertigo” and an exclusive B-side entitled“Kasjtjeijs Svøpe”. The single is also available digitally.

KOLDBRANN’s first two albums, “Nekrotisk Inkvisition” and“Moribund”, and 2008’s “Stigma: På Kant Med Livet” EP, were reissued via Season Of Mist.


NEWSTED Completes Recording Debut Album

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NEWSTED, the new band led by former METALLICAVOIVOD andFLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist Jason Newsted, has completed recording its first full-length album, to be released later this year.NEWSTED is scheduled to begin mixing the effort later this week, with more details to be announced soon.

NEWSTED will kick off its first-ever U.S. tour on April 19 in Walnut Creek, California. The 14-date trek will conclude on May 23 in Asbury Park, New Jersey and will lead into a number of European festival appearances for the band, which is completed by STAIND guitarist Mike Mushok, drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. and guitarist Jessie Farnsworth.

“It was obvious from the word go that Mike is one of us,” Jason said about Mushok’s addition to the group. “Professional, focused, happy and grateful to be able to make our beautiful noise together!”

“I loved the old-school vibe of [NEWSTED’s] ‘Metal’ EP, and when we got together to jam, it really felt great,” added Mushok.

STAIND is taking a break for a while, so when Jason asked if I was interested in joining them to record an album and play on the upcoming tour, it was perfect timing. All I could say was, ‘Hell yeah! I’m totally down for this.’”

“Metal”, the debut EP from NEWSTED, sold around 6,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 62 on The Billboard 200 chart.

“Metal” was released on January 8 exclusively via iTunes. The EP was made available as a physical CD on January 15.

“Metal” contains the following tracks:

King Of The Underdogs

“Soldierhead”, the first video from NEWSTED, can be seen at this location. Directed by Leon Melas, the clip was filmed on December 15, 2012 in an abandoned factory in California.


Jason Newsted – Bass, Lead Vocals
Jessie Farnsworth – Guitar, Backing Voice
Mike Mushok (STAIND) – Guitar

A photo of the current NEWSTED lineup can be seen below.


SVARTSYN Debuts New Track

Swedish black metal band SVARTSYN has revealed the first track off the upcoming full-length album entitled “Black Testament”. The album is coming to shops on the 28th of May in Europe and 11th of June in North America on Agonia Records.

The song “Demoness With Seven Names” can be streamed here: http://youtu.be/RDQlVdexn8Q

According to the band founder and mastermind – Ornias –  “Black Testament” can be described as a “sinister mix between Destruction Of Man(2003) and Timeless Reign (2007) releases.” He also added: “it’s a journey through my spiritual darkness and death.”

The album was recorded at Mortsella Studio, Sweden. A short series of video clips* documenting the recording process (vocals, guitars and drums) can be viewed at the links below:

(*videos listed in chronological order)

Drums: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxTQBzPQbwA
Guitars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7hifxMFep8
Vocals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR_VTUqmc1k

“Black Testament” will consist of 7 original tracks and will be available on CD, LP and digital. First 100 LP copies available on a coloured vinyl.

1. Revelation in the waters
2. Venom of the underworld
3. Demoness with seven names
4. Carving a temple
5. Eyes of the earth
6. Rising beast
7. Black testament


For more news and updates, head down to http://heavymetaltribune.tumblr.com/