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Abbath – Abbath


You know Abbath means business when he uses his stage-name directly as the name of his new band as well as the title of their new album and to use his fierce corpse-paint ridden face adorn the album cover. And, hell, he sure does not waste any time to reminding the old listeners of Immortal and new unsuspecting listeners what he’s capable of musically.

From the first track of “To War!”, one is immediately transported back to realms of cold relentless beautiful brutality. The momentum does not let up, with “Winterbane”, “Oceans of Wounds”, “Count The Dead” and “Root of The Mountain” fast becoming my personal favourites. Especially with “Winterbane”, I found myself headbanging on the first listen – it really reminded me of how I felt listening to Immortal’s “At the Heart of Winter”, which is highly pleasant. Scattered throughout the album are sweet and succinct reminders of the sweeping soundscape found in Immortal’s “Damned in Black” and “Sons of Northern Darkness”, even bits of I’s 2006 endeavour. This is extremely pleasing for me since I’m a huge Immortal listener.

When Immortal was no longer, I admit getting negatively affected. When I listened to this massive album, I admit that Immortal has only changed its incarnation – to Abbath. Hails to Abbath!


Revenge – Behold.Total.Rejection

Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection

Revenge [Canada]
Full Length
Season of Mist/Underground Activists
Black/Death Metal

I started the year being jaded with the whole black/death metal thing, but over the course of 2015 there have been some enjoyable releases of the genre, such as Archgoat and more recently, Triumvir Foul‘s debut full length. Unexpectedly, I am also ending the year with the genre, with Canadian chaotic horde Revenge‘s latest opus, Behold.Total.Rejection.

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Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom

Grey Heaven Fall - Black Wisdom

Grey Heaven Fall [Russia]
Black Wisdom
Full Length
Aesthetics of Devastation
Black/Death Metal

Over the last few years, Russia may have spawned quite a number of class extreme metal acts such as Pyre and slamming brutal death metal band Aborted Fetus. Yet this land is not the first thing on one’s mind when the metal genre is brought up. Coupled with the lack of exposure to extreme metal for a couple of months now, Grey Heaven Fall managed to be one such act that has managed to enchant me with their sophomore full length, Black Wisdom.

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The Moth Gatherer – The Earth is the Sky

The Moth Gatherer - The Earth is the Sky

The Moth Gatherer [Sweden]
The Earth is the Sky
Full Length
Agonia Records
Atmospheric Doom/Sludge Metal

The first time I heard of The Moth Gatherer was 2 years ago with their last album, A Braight Celestial Light. Not knowing better then, the Swedes were a novelty in terms of the epic soundscape that they managed to create and the fusing of post rock elements into their style of metal. 2 years later, the band returns with their brand new effort The Earth is the Sky, which led me to revisit A Braight Celestial Light resulting in new insights, and better appreciation of these Swedes.

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Bevar Sea – Invoke the Bizarre

Bevar Sea - Invoke the Bizarre

Bevar Sea [India]
Invoke the Bizarre
Full Length
The Mighty Riff Records
Stoner/Doom Metal

My journey with stoner/doom metal this week brings me to India, where my only encounters thus far have been interesting, from the melodic extreme metal of Demonic Resurrection to the illustrious storytelling of heavy metallers Albatross. Having heard of Bevar Sea a couple of times now, coupled with my pretty long-running interest in the stoner/doom metal genre, it is impeccable timing that the band drops their sophomore full length album, Invoke the Bizarre.

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Kylesa – Exhausting Fire

Kylesa - Exhausting Fire

Kylesa [USA]
Exhausting Fire
Full Length
Season of Mist
Progressive/Sludge Metal

Seven albums and 14 years later, I finally got about to really discovering Kylesa and their psychedelic, progressive style of sludge metal. A little late to the party, nonetheless I guess it’s better to be late than not discovering good music. This year marks the release of Kylesa‘s seventh opus, Exhausting Fire and with the rather good run of stoner and sludge metal in the past 2 years, expectations are rather high for this trio’s brand new release.

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Ruin – Spread Plague Hell

Ruin - Spread Plague Hell

Ruin [USA]
Spread Plague Hell
Nero One Records
Black/Death Metal

As extreme metal pushes the envelope more, with black metal bands becoming more evil and satanic, and death metal bands becoming faster and heavier, it is hard to get attention without some sort of characteristic that makes a band or record stand out. Ruin, having been around since 1990 before disappearing 1 year later and only to reemerge again this year, is one such act. With the lineup of the band being shrouded in mystery, and a brand new demo only 24 years after their previous release, it is hard to resist the temptation to find out what Spread Plague Hell sounds like.

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88 Mile Trip – Through the Darkest Haze

88 Mile Trip - Through the Darkest Haze

88 Mile Trip [Canada]
Through the Darkest Haze
Full Length
Stoner Rock/Metal

Here’s some stoner rock out of the country known more for their technical death metal outfits and the bludgeoning war metal scene, Canada. 88 Mile Trip this year releases their debut full length album, Through the Darkest Haze, and even before listening to a single note of the band, the trippy artwork had already fully captivated me.

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Skraeckoedlan – Sagor

Skraeckoedlan - Sagor

Skraeckoedlan [Sweden]
Full Length
Razzia Records
Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal

My current run of infatuation with the stoner/doom metal genre has resulted in me discovering bands that I would have otherwise not have heard of, including those with such exotic names as SkraeckoedlanSagor is the Swedish fuzz-rock’s sophomore full length album, and in my quest to find more atmospheric/ambient, the artwork on the album certainly catches my eye.

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Black Trip – Shadowline

Black Trip - Shadowline

Black Trip [Sweden]
Full Length
Heavy Metal

I remember first discovering Black Trip when The Dagger broke out with their debut album, being far more impressed with Goin’ Under than the already excellent The Dagger album. With Goin’ Under bearing such stark similarities to the first two Iron Maiden albums (which I am also a great fan of), finding out that Black Trip were releasing their sophomore album Shadowline got me even more excited than the new Maiden album. Especially so with the disappointing first single of the aforementioned legends… Even then, could the band live up to the expectations that have been placed upon them with their stellar debut?

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