Urgehal – Aeons in Sodom

Urgehal - Aeons in Sodom

Urgehal [Norway]
Aeons in Sodom
Full Length
Season of Mist
Black Metal

After the unfortunate demise of Trondr Nefas, I thought that Endezzma‘s Erotik Nekrosis would be the last that I hear of his works. But Urgehal and Season of Mist this year surprised me with a brand new Urgehal record. Despite having lost much touch with the extreme metal genres, I decided to just have a listen to Aeons in Sodom without putting much thought into the background of the album.

Digging deeper into the background of the album left me pleasantly surprised while explaining the musical style of Aeons in Sodom. The album features some of the last guitar works of Nefas and a whole host of rather high profile Norwegian black metal vocalists and artists on each of the tracks on the album, from Nocturno Culto (of Darkthrone fame) to some of my personal favourites such as Hoest (Taake) and Nag (TsjuderKrypt).

On to the music itself, who would have thought that despite 5 years of silence and the demise of one of its founding members, Urgehal‘s newest record manages to still capture the thrashy and chaotic essence of the band’s musical style. While opening track The Iron Children seems to indicate that the band is gonna take a bit longer to warm up, things kick into high gear pretty quickly, as the band goes into their usual high octane black metal right after the first verse. Besides, it is rather nice to hear someone from Darkthrone doing black metal styled vocals once more after the shift towards the punk ‘n’ roll direction in Darkthrone, proving that he still has what it takes to be recognised as one of the genre’s pioneers.

From here on out, one can expect nothing but intense, breakneck speed black metal as each of the guest vocalists spit forth their tributes to Trondr Nefas. Remarkably, despite each track featuring a different vocalist who on their individual projects have a different style, manage to bring about quite some resemblance to the vocal styles of Nefas.

Aeons in Sodom is a fitting tribute to the works of Nefas, and despite the large ensemble of vocalists that appear on the album, Enzifer and Uruz mange to ensure that the style of Urgehal is not compromised. A fitting swan song to the stellar extreme metal career of Trondr Nefas and Urgehal indeed.


1. Dødsrite
2. The Iron Children
3. Blood of the Legion
4. The Sulphur Black Haze
5. Lord of Horns
6. Norwegian Blood and Crystal Lakes
7. Thy Daemon Incarnate
8. Endetid
9. Psychedelic Evil
10. Woe

Favourite picks: The Sulphur Black HazePsychedelic Evil

Urgehal on the internet:
Season of Mist


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