SKINLESS: “Only The Ruthless Remain” Streaming In Full At Decibel Magazine

On the eve of its official North American detonation, today the head-crushers at Decibel Magazine spew forth SKINLESSOnly The Ruthless Remain full-length in its debilitating entirety!

Featuring their iconic, late ’90s lineup of founding guitarist Noah Carpenter, vocalist Sherwood Webber, bassist Joe Keyser and drummer Bob Beaulac, with the recent addition of second guitarist, Dave Matthews, Only The Ruthless Remain marks the band’s first proper full-length offering in nearly a decade and has been reaping the adulation of critics both stateside and abroad.

MetalSucks dubs Only The Ruthless Remain, “a lean, zero-flaws death metal dynamo,” and “a rewarding record that scratches the most persistent of death metal itches.” Apoch’s Metal Review names it, one of the finest albums in SKINLESS‘ repertoire,” furthering, “This isn’t just an albumSKINLESS fans will lovingly embrace, but a creation that stands as one of the top offerings of 2015 within the death metal genre, proving the time away from the studio, as well as one another, has only strengthened them as a unit.” Stereokiller agrees, “SKINLESS is definitely back and without a doubt, better than ever. Only The Ruthless Remain is an exercise in a pure brutality… This has leapfrogged itself to the top of my list in favorite death metal records of the year and it’s one that is going to be extremely hard to be dethroned,” while Metal Hammer boasts, “SKINLESS have still got the groove, the mosh and the brutality, yet they never forget about their thrash roots.” Headbang Or GTFO notes, “Finally an aggressive death metal band who shows integrity and energy throughout the entire play of an album. SKINLESS are pissed and they want to take over the world. One victim at a time.” Adds Glacially Musical, “Though heavy and full of gore, this album oozes sorrow and anguish. A theme becoming more and more common in extreme metal and it’s a refreshing change of pace. The vocals hurt. The melodic solos weep. It sounds as if the drums are the one thing keeping a man alive.”

Offers Decibel of the release: “The weak have been trampled, the dead hurdled, and now Glens Falls’ preeminent gorehound sickos are back where they should be: tearing open the pit and your face simultaneously.”

Sample Only The Ruthless Remain in all its sadistic glory now at Decibel HERE.

You can also sample the band’s video for namesake track, “Skinless,” featuring a delicious visual smorgasbord of lethal injections, human flaying and general group-inflicted suffering, still traumatizing the weak at Bloody Disgusting, at THIS LOCATION.

Skinless - Only The Ruthless Remain


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