HYPOTHERMIA: “Eftergöld” Now Streaming

Swedish black metal/post-rock wanderers, HYPOTHERMIA, have unveiled a new song,“Efterglöd”. The track features on the band’s upcoming new album, “Svartkonst”, and is a little over seven-minute long instrumental composition. Presented in a form of a video featuring photography of Kim Carlsson (guitars/ex-Lifelover, Kall), “Eftergöld” is available for listening via the YouTube clip below.

The new album “Svartkonst” is set to be released on May 15th in Europe and May 19th in North America via Agonia Records. It has been recorded with the intention of giving more depth to the music itself, and allowing the listener to engage with the album’s escalating atmosphere on a more personal level. Vilonist E.B. guest appears on the record, which is a sign of the band’s progression – the music is stepping further out of obscurity, by slowly evolving to a more orchestral form.

The offering has been divided over five compositions.

01 – Invokation
02 – Svartkonst (listen)
03 – Efterglöd (listen)
04 – Regnvals
05 – Vy

HYPOTHERMIA was founded in 2001 as a means to channel negativity and manifest it in audial form. “Following ancient traditions carried in spirit and blood, through wanderings and introspective journeys a communion with a deity of the void is formed” – comments the band.

The mysticism of HYPOTHERMIA is characterized by its highly ritualistic compositions, which are conducted in shamanistic trances of minimalism, and binding their followers in its meditative spell. Always recorded live, sharing with the world something honest and unique.


HYPOTHERMIA - Svartkonst


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