DAWN OF AZAZEL Unveils “Vassalplasty” Lyric Video

The Tides Of Damocles is the furiously menacing forthcoming new long player from long-running New Zealand-based progressive death metal unit, DAWN OF AZAZEL. A name referencing the ocean as a metaphor for the forces of life that constantly assail and erode the will of those who seek power, The Tides Of Damocles marks the trio’s first new offering in six years. Recorded, mixed and mastered last year at Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Goatwhore, et al) in Tampa, Florida by Brian Elliot and J.J. Hrubovcak, the ten track creation hurls forth forty-eight minutes of harrowing, scrupulously detailed death metal mastery.

The first taste of The Tides Of Damocles comes in the form of the “Vassalplasty” lyric video. Created by Scott Rudd (Aborted, Acrania, Fit For An Autopsy), the clip is now wreaking havoc at No Clean Singing.

Elaborates the band: “Tides is a diverse album, and we felt ‘Vassalplasty’ is the song with the most immediate impact: Heaviness and aggression mixed with a taste of some of the more psychotropic elements to be found on the rest of the album. The title is a play on the surgical procedure to straighten a fractured and weakened spine. The lyrical theme is retaining a backbone in the face of circumstances that would cause others to conform, submit or crumple.”

Adds No Clean Singing: “The song is itself a raging, storm-lashed assault, driven by blistering riffs, highly weaponized drumming, and raw vocal vitriol. It’s a tightly controlled frenzy, the kind of murderous outburst that somehow manages to be both chaotic and machine precise. The song is laced with inventive instrumental excursions and packed with grooves that are powerful enough to crack skulls. Both viscerally powerful and technically eye-opening, it will awaken the predator in you while simultaneously re-wiring your brain.”

Enjoy the ear lashing at THIS LOCATION.

DAWN OF AZAZEL - The Tide of Damocles


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