UFOMAMMUT Reveals First Track From Their Seventh Album, Ecate

There’s smoke rising from the chimneys as UFOMAMMUT anoints their first track to be spread across the lands in the form of “Temple”, culled from their upcoming Neurot Recordings-bound seventh album, Ecate. An ambitious break away from their usual approach to crafting songs, and featuring biting riff work combined with an assured sense of regality, and a sweet tooth for luscious progressive segments, clocking in at over seven minutes, “Temple” has the same earworm quality that makes their previous recordings so rewarding to return to, but also sees UFOMAMMUTdeveloping a tendency to explore territories outside of their ritualistic boundaries.

UFOMAMMUT’s “Temple” has been exclusively premiered today via The Quietus, and is now playing at THIS LOCATION.

The third segment of the making-of series on Ecate has also been posted HERE, preceded bypart 1 and part 2

These short videos offer a chance to explore the story behind the recording of the album and the roots of UFOMAMMUT‘s sound, reaffirming the band’s DIY approach to everything they do. From their second video, drummer Vita explains, “Every time we record a new album we are used to saying it is much different from the previous releases. This time it really is! It has different solutions, a different sound and more complicated drum parts, with much more use of the double kick and also parts that are more accelerated.”



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