Metal Shopping Guide in Singapore

We often receive enquiries from metalheads coming to Singapore about where to get their dose of heaviness. Here’s a short guide to metal shopping in Singapore. In this guide, we cover physical platforms by which you can get your metal fix – whether it is for records, t-shirts or accessories.

We understand that there have been multiple guides on vinyl and music shopping in Singapore posted online, so here we list down only those that have a particular interest in metal and its related genres.

Record shops – please get in touch with us to be listed here.



Established in 2001, Inokii not only brings in metal CDs, records and merchandise, but also anything alternative (including punk and hardcore). The range of collection that is hidden in Inokii even include rarities of more popular Chinese artistes. Late last year Inokii also launched its own ecommerce platform, Let’s Save the CD.

Inokii is located at:

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213

Ravage Records


One look at Ravage Record‘s owner Khaal (also of local war metal mongers, Balberith fame), one would instantly know what he/she is in for. Ravage Records is currently the only music store in Singapore specialising in metal. Aside from your black and death metal rarities, Ravage Record also brings in accessories such as patches, pins and leather vests for you to kickstart your metalhead lifestyle.

Ravage Records is located at:

6001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Tower
Singapore 199589

Roxy Records & Trading


One of the longest running independent record shops, Roxy Records & Trading has been in operation since 1962. The family business has been through generations, and is one of the names that people of the music scene are familiar with. Aside from new international records and releases, a day of hunting often yields a couple of local rarities.

Roxy Records & Trading is located at:

5 Coleman Street
Excelsior Shopping Centre
Singapore 179805

Hear Records

Hear Records

Hear Records is one of the newer stores in the local music scene, having opened only in March 2013, yet this quaint, cozy record store has already gained popularity among music fans. A whole range of genres can be found in Hear Records, ranging from your brand new Taylor Swift album to second hand, out-of-print old school Black Sabbath records. Aside from records, Specialising in all things vinyl, Hear Records also sells equipment and accessories such as vinyl players to wall frames for your prized LPs.

There is even a small area within the shop with a nice, warm setup for you to listen to some of the excellent stuff that Hear Records has.

Owner Nick often travels around the world to visit record stores, and provides commentary on music and collecting music on their Facebook page, making it a good source of information and knowledge.

Hear Records is located at:

175 Bencoolen Street
Burlington Square
Singapore 189649

Straits Records

Another household name in the Singapore music scene, Straits Records deals with rarities from all forms of alternative music genres, from raggae to extreme metal. The shop area also functions as a nice, cozy place for unplugged gigs.

Straits Records is located at:

24A Bali Lane (2nd floor)
Singapore 189860


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