UNLEASHED Completes Work On New Album

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Swedish death metallers UNLEASHED have completed work on their twelfth full-length album for a spring release via Nuclear Blast. The title of the CD is still a secret, but be prepared for another classic record!

UNLEASHED‘s follow-up to 2012’s “Odalheim” was once again produced by the band’s guitarist, Fredrik Folkare, at his Chrome Studios in Stockholm.

Comments UNLEASHED frontman Johnny Hedlund: “UNLEASHED are now done mastering and we now have the finished recording in our hands. Fredrik has once again done a tremendous job in the studio and I would say this is our best produced album to date.”

He adds: “We are very much looking forward to the release date and to play some of the songs live.”

Hedlund previously said that the new CD “takes over exactly where ‘Odalheim’ left off, both music- and story-wise.”

With “Odalheim”, UNLEASHED not only presented the follow-up to “As Yggdrasil Trembles” in the year 2012, but also continued telling its post-doomsday story, embedded into the Norse mythology.

After the mighty world tree Yggdrasil had trembled and rung in the end of the world, Fimbul winter followed: Three years of darkness and coldness, during which Mother Nature took back what was rightfully hers. This caused the end of life as we know it. Ragnarök. But the warriors who’ve survived will build a new world out of the old one’s ashes. Right here, the story of “Odalheim” begins.

UNLEASHED‘s current lineup:

Johnny Hedlund: Bass, Vocals
Tomas Måsgard: Guitar
Fredrik Folkare: Guitar
Anders Schultz: Drums
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Unleashed 2014


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