MYSTICUM: “The Ether” Music Video Released

Mysticum has launched a music video for the track “The Ether,” taken from its widely acclaimed 2014 return, Planet Satan. In the true spirit of Mysticum, do not expect the typical kind of video, but instead a dark and cosmic trip – a powerful glimpse into the all-conquering Mysticum universe. Stream “The Ether” on YouTube at: and Vimeo at:

A work of intense and otherworldly black metal power injected with Mysticum‘s strong cosmic, satanic and psychedelic overtones, Planet Satan welcomes Mysticum to the new millennium with full and unrelenting force, whilst retaining the core elements which made the Norwegian band a pioneering legend of industrial black metal. Both infernal and nihilistic, as well as apocalyptic in its scope and execution, Planet Satan is a new milestone for the genre in its sublime, chaotic ferocity. Primitive minor-chord riff patterns and tortured vocals mixed with the band’s manic and often unconventional programmed drum beats makes this an eerily hypnotic work of the darkest order. A band that achieved almost mythical status in black metal lore, Planet Satan follows Mysticum‘s debut release, 1996’sIn the Streams of Inferno. It was recorded and mixed at Fias Co. Studios with producer Sverre Dæhli and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio in Oslo.

Planet Satan can be purchased now via iTunes at:, at: and through the Peaceville web-store at: The band has also released a limited edition t-shirt to coincide with the release at:

Mysticum - Planet Satan


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