Album Review: Abusiveness – Bramy Nawii

Abusiveness - Bramy Nawii

Abusiveness [Poland]
Bramy Nawii
Full Length
Arachnophobia Records
Black Metal

It’s been a long time since we last heard from Abusiveness, with the last full length Trioditis being a rather distant 4-year back. The band’s infectious brand of pagan black metal got me craving for more, and this year Abusiveness returns with their brand new, fourth full length release, Bramy Nawii.

Back with renewed vengeance after a rather long silence, Abusiveness quickly proves that they have not lost any of their edge at all. Opening track Prawia – ŚWiąTynia ŚWiatłA wastes no time in quickly introducing listener to the band’s style of black metal. One is quickly reminded of the works of bands such as WatainAscension and of course, Blaze of Perdition though as the album progresses, the pagan elements become more obvious to the listener. For instance, the usage of acoustic guitars on tracks like W Góry ChorąGwie. The more heroic moments on the album even reminds one of the epic style of folk bands like Equilibrium.

The riffs of Gonthy and Mścisław are razor sharp, and the dissonant riffs that the axe-wielding duo often utilise add a rather chilling edge to what is an overall epic-sounding release. Their backgrounds from a vast variety of genres is also obvious in their playing, with moments where their riffs bring in a slight death metal edge, not unlike that of Azarath and the likes.

In particular, drummer Wizun’s work here is impressive. Bouncing back from injuries sustained in an accident with Blaze of Perdition in 2013, his chops are more intense than ever, with the belligerent, relentless battery at times even bringing about comparisons to the works of bands like Marduk.

To top off the excellent musicianship on Bramy Nawii, the production here is top-notch, as should be for a record as such. The mix is extremely balanced, allowing for bassist Lucass to show off his talent as well, adding much-needed growl to the sound of the band for maximum impact on one’s ear drums.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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Abusiveness on the internet:
Arachnophobia Records


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