SCORPIONS To Release ‘Return To Forever’ Album In February

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German hard rock veterans SCORPIONS will release their new album, “Return To Forever”, on February 23 in Europe, according to the band’s French fan club Crazyscorps.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Going Out With A Bang
02. We Built This House
03. Rock My Car
04. House Of Cards
05. All For One
06. Rock ‘N’ Roll Band
07. Catch Your Luck And Play
08. Rollin’ Home
09. Hard Rockin’ The Place
10. Eye Of The Storm
11. The Scratch
12. Gypsy Life
13. The World We Used To Know (bonus deluxe edition)
14. Dancing With The Moonlight (bonus deluxe edition)
15. When The Truth Is A Lie (bonus deluxe edition)
16. Who We Are (bonus deluxe edition)
17. Delirious (bonus iTunes)


* CD standard: 12 songs, 12 page booklet
* Limited edition: 24 page booklet, 4 bonus songs
* LP limited edition: Double LP (12 songs)
* 50th Birthday box: limited collector’s edition with ecobook (16 songs) + 2CD
* Audiobook (interviews track by track), t-shirt exclusive, post-card, EP, USB key, pass backstage

Speaking to Crazyscorps at the of October 23, SCORPIONS vocalist Klaus Meine stated about the progress of the recording sessions for the band’s next studio album: “When we started a few years ago, when we thought about this album, to put out something for our diehard fans, we were thinking about maybe we’d find some good material [from] back in the ’80s, and find some old diamonds and pearls [that were never fully fleshed out], and we did. But between 2011 and now, and even this year, the songwriting process has still been strong as a songwriting team. This is something, after so many years, that makes you feel really good about it. Because, with all those anniversaries around, there is hardly [any incentive] to put any music, and that’s what we will do. There will be an album out next year, and it’s not so much about old material, it’s much more about a new album and new stuff, new songs.”

He continued: “We started [the new album writing process by] going back to the ’80s and we picked some songs that were never finished, really, songs with working lyrics only. But some of those were pretty strong compositions, with great energy and stuff. And we picked some of them up. But, in the end, I think, we have a great balance between some of those ’80s songs, like this early material — and those songs were never really finished and that was the reason they were never released…. Actually, I think we have two songs from the ‘MTV Unplugged’ where we said they would be cool if they would be on the album as electric versions, and the rest is all new. And that’s a pretty good balance, I think.”

SCORPIONS - Return to Forever


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