RITI OCCULTI To Reissue Debut Full Length

Italian doomsters RITI OCCULTI have announced the reissue of their debut self-titled album.

Originally released in 2012 by Epidemie Records, this reissue will be handled byNordavind Records which will feature all seven songs remastered as well as new artwork by Serena Mastracco.

With their self-titled, the band showcase a new form of black metal – one that blends inextricably with doom and ritualistic music, where the sounds range from Sabbath-esque doom of the ’70s to some of the ancient exotic sounds of the East.

“Riti Occulti” will be released worldwide on 23 February 2015 in standard jewel case with an 8 page booklet. The CD will be limited to 300 units and pre-orders are now available right here: https://nordavindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/riti-occulti

In the meantime, fans can already stream two songs on Nordavind’s Bandcamppage and watch Riti Occulti’s video for the song “Alcyone” at this location:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iym9S_7tzBE

RITI OCCULTI - Riti Occulti reissue


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