NERVECELL: Dubai Death/Thrash Perpetrators Revisit Their “Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)” Video Featuring Nile’s Karl Sanders

Dubai death/thrash perpetrators, NERVECELL, will reissue their critically adored Psychogenocidefull-length via Unique Leader early next year. Applauded by Metal Hammer for their, “…thrilling contrast between oriental and musical culture,” and called a, “must have for every metal hornet,” by Legacy, the ten track offering was initially unleashed in Europe via Lifeforce Records in 2011.

In anticipation of its release on North American shores, today NERVECELL revisits their video for “Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)” featuring Nile’s Karl Sanders on guest vocals. Elaborates the band: “This particular song is special as it marks the first extreme metal track ever to include both Arabic lyrics mixed in with English lyrics, and who better else to have come on board and collaborate on this theme with us than the legendary Karl Sanders from Nile. The word ‘Shunq’ in Arabic has two meanings: to choke or to be hung by the neck. The song consists mainly of ideas and knowledge gathered from sources that speak about Lucifer and the demons that serve him. The song ‘Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)’ speaks about the battle of us humans and these demons in reality, in the end Satan himself brought forth to justice. The clip was directed by Shane De Almeida and edited by Ahmad Al Sharif in the city of Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates.”

Adds Karl Sanders, “As an American, hearing the Arabic growl is scary, as you have an immediate association with it. Also, given the nature of death metal itself – which aims to frighten – people are becoming used to English, so it’s not that scary. Arabic gives it a new level.”

During the shoot, The National News Paper of Abu Dhabi (capital city of the UAE) came out to interview the band where vocalist/bassist James Khazaal talks in-depth about the video’s concept. Check it out at THIS LOCATION and view the video HERE.



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