DECREPIT BIRTH drummer SAMUS releases NECROPHAGIST cover of “The Stillborn One”

Jesus look alike and drumming mastermind, Samus, of the Santa Cruz death metal band DECREPIT BIRTH, has just released his latest video as a cover of NECROPHAGIST‘s “The Stillborn One”Samus is coming off his recent comical hit “Fart Metal” which is exactly what you think it is – kick ass heavy metal filled with tons of farts.  Samus plays homage to himself in his one-man NECROPHAGIST cover by inserting a few well placed farts into the song to keep things spicy.

DECREPIT BIRTH has been working on new material which will be the follow up to their brutal 2010 release, Polarity.  When asked about the status of the new album, Samus comments “It’s coming.  I promise”.

Decrepit Birth Samus


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