HORRENDOUS: Ecdysis Streaming in Full at Noisey.com

One of this year’s most anticipated and critically-acclaimed death metal releases is now streaming online in its entirety. Noisey.com has made Ecdysis, the new album from East Coast trio HORRENDOUS available for streaming a week ahead of its official release date. To listen, visit noisey.vice.com/blog/horrendous-ecdysis-lp-stream.

Picking up where the band’s critically acclaimed 2012 debut, The Chills, left off, Ecdysis sees HORRENDOUS emerge as one of the most intense, brutal, and most importantly, genuine contributors to today’s traditional death metal revival. Ecdysis is set for an October 14 worldwide release on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Dark Descent Records. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Subterranean Watchtower Studios (www.facebook.com/SubterraneanWatchtower). Cover art for the album was done by Brian Smith.

Horrendous - Nepenthe


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