Interview with Rude

Rude 2014

Old school death metal is alive and kickin’, and bands like Rude are showing how death metal is to be done properly – fast, raw and aggressive. With their new album, the band displays the whole range of 80s death metal influences that have gone into their melting pot. Here’s an interview that was dug up, and the band tells us more, from the songwriting process of Soul Recall to their simple, yet effective band name. (Interview conducted in May 2014)

Greetings Rude! The band was formed in 2008, but in 2010 saw a name change to Forsaker before being changed back to Rude again. Could you tell us more about the history of Rude? How did the formation of the band come about, and why the name changes, and why Rude?

Rude started on a whim in 08. I used to race cars and got sick and tired of wasting my money on a stupid fucking car I could drive maybe once a month. After work one day I decided to buy a guitar. I had been playing bass in a  black metal project called Ghoulborn for a short while. None of my riffs were being used so thats why I bought the guitar and decided to just play them on my own. I had a friend from middle school named Alex who was already proficient on drums, and another friend, DP, who played bass. They were down to jam my extra simple Celtic Frost style songs. That’s how it started. The name changed to Forsaker because we lost our rehearsal space, lost Alex, gained Tony, and Aaron, and Aaron just said we should use the name Forsaker, so we used it. Once I decided to stop doing Forsaker and join Scolex. That was the end of it. But a few months after joining Scolex, I had tons of riffs piling up. I called Tony and said we should just record all this shit I had piling up. That is how the demo was made, and Rude coming back into formation. Forsaker songs were more written by Aaron, Rude by me.

Why Rude? Cause I think it is a good name?

Despite the band being around for around 5 years, it wasn’t until last year when the first material of the band was released under Rude, with the Haunted demo. What was it that took the band such a long period before releasing new material?

I wasn’t in a huge rush. We had recorded stuff before. I just never put vocals on it. We have two separate recording sessions all done without vocals. Four songs one session, six or seven another. The Forsaker demo got done in 2010. I think I made 100 cds or something. Most of them are in Japan I think. I brought a bunch over on my trip in 2011.

On the title track of the demo, the band got Patrick Mameli of Pestilence fame on guest guitars. How did the idea of having Patrick appearing on the track come about?

We played the song Haunted in Forsaker. Except it had a different name. I don’t even remember what we called it. During practice though, we called it “The Pestilence Song” Just because it sounded like a  Pestilence song. Especially when played tuned to E standard.

Anyways, once the demo was recorded…It had no solos on it. I just sent him a message asking if he would be into it. He said he would take a listen, and if he liked it he would do it. Turns out he did and that is what he came up with. I got no complaints. Totally killer, original solo!

This year sees the band releasing its debut full length album, Soul Recall. On this album, Jason Gluck, who was the engineer of the Haunted demo now plays bass for the band. How did this come about? How has his inclusion affected the songwriting process of the band?

We had to let our original bass player Mike go just a week before our Morbid Angel show. Bunch of bullshit internet drama where the sheep of Oakland rallied behind some cackling counts. Anyways, Jason knew the songs cause he recorded them. He literally learned the set in a week and had his first show with us…With Morbid Angel haha. I write all the music pretty much. So he just adds his own flare to the baselines.

The four tracks on the demo were also re-recorded and included on Soul Recall. Why the decision to include these demo tracks from Haunted on Soul Recall?

Cause they rip butt? Not everybody has heard the demo, so I want everyone to be familiar with the songs we are going to be playing live.

With four of the tracks already released once before the full length, what was it like re-recording and re-interpreting the tracks for the full length album?

It just felt like re-recording them. Tony has a bigger drum kit so he was able to do more weird fills. Other then that, pretty strait forward.

The one thing that I really like about the band is how you guys manage to sound like it were the 80s once more despite Soul Recall being a 2014 release, and influences from bands such as Obituary, Pestilence to Master could be noted. What are some of the other influences when writing the album, and how did this old school sound of the band come to be?

I fucking hate modern day production. It sucks so bad. This music is supposed to sound rough, but not so rough its all blown out and sounds like crap. Other influences? Morbid Angel, living in Oakland. I don’t know? Just not giving in to the crappy sound of modern metal. Even a lot of old bands sound like a shiny plastic barbie doll nowadays..If that makes sense

What are the themes that are dealt with in the lyrics on Soul Recall? Where does the band draw inspiration for writing the lyrics to the album?

I don’t know. I honestly hate writing lyrics. I just try to write stuff that rhymes and fits with the music. Occultish stuff, witch hunts, death, rebirth. Bla bla. Typical stuff. It isn’t very deep. I’m not trying to win some award for creativity with my lyrics.

Rude - Soul Recall

The cover artwork was handled by Dan Seagrave, who managed to create a rather apocalyptic scenery in the art of Soul Recall. Could you tell us more behind the concept of the cover artwork?

You are the first person who didn’t ask me “Oh my god wasn’t that fucking expensive!?”. You actually asked me what is going on the scene! Thanks!!

The painting shows an ancient/futuristic cemetery which holds the corpses of the departed inside. Without warning some of the souls are recalled. Life is shot back into the corpse and they are given a chance to live again. So pretty much that is what you are seeing on our cover.

With the band’s debut full length finally released what are the near future plans of Rude?

We have a small west coast tour to promote the album planned for next month. Skelethal from France and Derogatory from LA will join us on that. Hopefully get over to Europe. I really want to get on a supporting slot for Pestilence on their 2015 tour. SOMEBODY HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Oh and make some RUDE Sweatpants. Death metal needs more sweatpants!

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