RIGOR MORTIS Debut First Song From Slaves to the Grave on Metal Sucks

Today the first taste of music from Slaves to the Gravehas been unleashed.  The first single, Flesh For Flies is being premiered exclusively by Metal Sucks!  Check it out HERE.

Slaves to the Grave is available for pre-order HERE.

Bassist Casey Orr on Flesh For Flies:

“Being huge horror fans, and being from Texas, we’ve always had a special love for the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There’s a song on our first record called Slow Death that was a tribute to the original TCM. The songFlesh For Flies is sort of an homage to the second movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. This time as told from the killer’s point of view. Nothing beats a good old fashioned, chainsaw wielding, inbred cannibal serial killer!”

Vocalist Bruce Corbitt added:

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre of Metal has cooked up our tastiest batches of carcass stew and chainsaw chili for this final meal.  Once again…. the original lineup and recipe of Rigor Mortis don’t skimp on the meat when it comes to furiously paced metal and excessive amounts of gore.  The saw is family, but so is Rigor Mortis…  Drayton Sawyer and Leatherface would be proud…  RIP Marilyn Burns!”

The band has decided to release the record themselves on their own Rigor Mortis Records label, and are appealing to their fans to help raise the funds necessary to make it happen. They’ve started a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo, and in addition to a wide range of perks being offered at every level of contribution, EVERYONE who contributes will have their name listed in a special thank you list on the cd! The first run of Slaves To The Grave will be a 2 disc set that will include a bonus “making of” dvd, and there will also be a vinyl version.

The subject matter hasn’t strayed much. Twisted tales of horror and woe, monsters and madmen, warfare and plague abound! The tracks are fast and heavy as one would expect, but there is also a maturity and growth that only comes with age and experience. Musically, STTG draws from a legacy of brutal influence. The Speed and Thrash Metal that RIGOR MORTIS cut their teeth on is evident throughout the record in the intensity and velocity of tracks like Flesh For Flies, but also, one could argue, are influences such as Italian horror soundtracks by Goblin, as heard on the outro solo ofPoltergeist.

RIGOR MORTIS dedicates this record to Mike Scaccia 1965-2012.

Slaves to the Grave Track Listing:

1. Poltergeist

2. Rain of Ruin

3. Flesh for Flies

4. The Infected

5. Blood Bath

6. Ancient Horror

7. Fragrance of Corpse

8. Curse of the Draugr

9. Sacramentum Gladiatorum

10. Ludus Magnus

Produced by Mike Scaccia and RIGOR MORTIS

RIGOR MORTIS - Slaves to the Grave


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