GODHUNTER: Invisible Oranges Lets Loose Opening Track From Split LP With SECRETS OF THE SKY

“Pursuit/Predator,” GODHUNTER‘s latest plodding and antagonizing anthem and the lead track to the band’s upcoming GH/0ST:S split LP with SECRETS OF THE SKY, is now playing a month ahead of the album’s release at Invisible Oranges.

The GH/0ST:S LP showcases some of the most expansive new material from both bands, with both acts’ latest contributions including some of their more ethereal works, as well as some of their most savage and homicidal lyrical persuasions. Opening the GODHUNTER-dominated A-side of the LP, the Tucson-based sludge metal act forms rifts in the land with the seven-minute “Pursuit/Predator.” Reanimating the lineage of the infamous Zodiac Killer, a feedback-soaked intro leads into an acrid, dirge-ridden execution anthem, and after leveling everything for most of the song’s duration, a bellowing gang-chant atop an organic bed of acoustic guitars and mournful string elements bring the track to a smoldering finale. Invisible Oranges issues on the track, “‘Pursuit/Predator’ documents a harsh dose of reality, but the presentation is ever so inviting. Guitarists David Rodgers and Jake Brazelton and bassist Dick Williamson combine to form a massive, world-swallowing tone. Drummer Andy Kratzenberg propels the song with a steady swing and ably brings the group’s punk influences to the surface when the jolt is needed. Singer Charlie Touseull has that bellow which will always be imitated in showers and cars. And wildcard Matthew Davis adds a nice touch of cello to the acoustic outro. In the end, it pulls off the neat trick of all solid sludge, making violence and anguish feel so good.”

Stream “Pursuit/Predator” RIGHT HERE.

Advance preorders for the GODHUNTER and SECRETS OF THE SKY Ghosts split LP can be placed HERE.



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