GHOUL To Revive ‘We Came For The Dead!!!’ With Vinyl Manifestation

While the public is still reeling in the aftermath of the barrage of transmissions and recordings from ghastly Creepsylvanian specters, GHOUL, over recent months, the obfuscated thugs unrelentingly announce a new addition to their maggot-infested back-catalog, with the vinyl manifestation of their debut album, We Came For The Dead!!!.

Initially released in 2002, We Came For The Dead!!! was an instant cult classic in the most putrid depths of the metal underworld, as these unknown bandits raided the scene. Delivering a slick, punk-infused style of American goregrind from an unidentified tomb in the depths of Creepsylvania, where they’ve since waged war on mortals from with full anonymity, and having brainwashed countless troubled souls since with a plethora of disturbing musical platters, GHOUL now digs up this rotted carcass called We Came For The Dead!!! to manufacture its putrid remains on vinyl, including the album-closing rendition of Megadeth’s “Skull Beneath The Skin.”

Tankcrimes is currently embalming the cadaver of GHOUL‘sWe Came For The Dead!!! for its public service on September 9th, where the wax edition of the more than thirty-three minute release will get the hot-shit reissue treatment on three disgusting colors of vinyl; a “More Blood” red edition in a run of 666, as well as the ultra-limited “Torch” pressing in a tri-color yellow/orange/bone scheme, and the Die Hard edition, which bears a “Blood Spill” red inside clear vinyl, foil stamped jacket, flexi postcard w/ bonus track “We Are Creepsylvanians” by Igvar Shmeltzy and the Turnips, all vinyl versions to include an instant download with each copy preordered; get gritty on this action HERE. And for the CD and digital format junkies, the album comes paired up with GHOUL‘s ghastly follow-up to We Came For The Dead!!!Maniaxe, in those formats as a nifty two-for-one album deal available now. Who saysGHOUL doesn’t like bargains. Order the CD HERE (or in stores worldwide) or the and digital versionHERE (plus at all the regular digi sources).

Disgust all in earshot with the resurrected goreblasting gnarliness of Tankcrimes’ official stream of We Came For The Dead!!! HERE.
GHOUL recently infiltrated Creepsylvanian National Television with the new rogue installment of their “Burning Questions” video series, as Cremator roasts their inquisitive fanbase and other vats of humankind’s fallout with Burning Questions Episode 2, HERE.

Ghoul - We Came for the Dead


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