CRUCIFYRE Unveils Cover Artwork, Track Listing For ‘Black Magic Fire’

Swedish infernal Thrashers CRUCIFYRE have announced the album cover artwork and tracklisting for the upcoming sophomore effort “Black Magic Fire”.


1) Apocalypse Whore
2) Black Magic Fire
3) Pentagram Palms
4) Baphomet’s Revenge
5) Funeral Pyre
6) Faces Of Death (His Satanic Shadow)
7) Through The Darkness
8) Anneliese
9) Wolf’s Hour
10) One And One Is One

With the captivating album cover artwork once again conceived by Stefan Hansson, whom previously was responsible for the band’s debut “Infernal Earthly Divine” album cover, “Black Magic Fire” was sworn in unholy profanation to withhold the same level of intensity, true to the name of CRUCIFYRE.

“In my book, this record has just about everything as far as heavy and thrashing, wicked Metal goes.”, statesCRUCIFYRE skinsman Yasin Hillborg on the new record. “Slayer, Bathory, Black Sabbath; all those influences are pretty evident but with CRUCIFYRE’s twist to it! “Black Magic Fire” will possess your soul!”


Erik Sahlström – Vocals
Urban Skytt – Guitars
TG – Guitars
Karl Envall – Bass
Yasin Hillborg – Drums

Crucifyre - Black Magic Fire


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