MOURNFUL CONGREGATION: Stereogum Streaming Concrescence Of The Sophia In Its Entirety




As Adelaide, South Australia-based funeral doom masters, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, prepare to make their return to the United States for their first-ever East Coast performances in support of their two-song Concrescence Of The Sophia 12″ release, today the entire record is now playing via Stereogum.


Set for official release next Tuesday, June 24th via 20 Buck Spin — the label also responsible for the band’s most recent LP, The Book Of Kings, and subsequent reissues of their back-catalog —Concrescence Of The Sophia leaves an impressive, lasting first impression, with nearly a half hour of brand new material which expands upon MOURNFUL CONGREGATION‘s massive foundation of sound. The article accompanying the stream of this new opus commends the power of the new material, stating, “At two songs and roughly 30 minutes, Concrescence Of The Sophia is a decidedly brief work for Mournful Congregation (by contrast, The Book Of Kings is four songs, nearly 77 minutes long). But it’s impossible not to be awed by the power and dexterity displayed throughout the EP, especially on the 21:42 title track, which is as still and dark as the ocean floor – and as magisterial and mysterious, too.”


Immerse yourself in the sorrowful serenade of Concrescence Of The Sophia at Stereogum RIGHT HERE.

Mournful Congregation - Concrescence of the Sophia


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