NERVECELL Gearing Up To Sign Global Record Deal; Third Album In The Works

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Rami Mustafa, guitarist for Dubai-based Nervecell, recently spoke with Rolling Stone Middle East about the band’s impending global deal with an as-yet-unrevealed US-based record label. Following is an excerpt from the report:

“We’ve been waiting for while,” Mustafa says. “There have been so many potential deals that weren’t quite what we were looking for; just small details. But the label we’re talking to is very focused on our kind of music, which is an advantage.”

The deal should also open up the opportunity to play some Stateside shows, which has long been an ambition for the U.A.E.-based band – Mustafa, fellow guitarist Barney Ribeiro, and bassist and vocalist James Khazaal. “There’s a lot of interest,” Mustafa says. “We get plenty of emails and comments from people wanting us to come over there. And there are so many promoters and agencies we’ve been talking to, but we’re just waiting for that moment. Once the album’s in that market, tours will open up. It’s a domino effect.”

Click here for the complete article.



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