NYOGTHAEBLISZ Sign With Hells Headbangers; Preparing Label Debut

Reposted from Bravewords.com

Hells Headbangers announces the signing of Texan cult Nyogthaeblisz. One of the most talked-about and divisive black/death bands currently going in the metal underground, Nyogthaeblisz have patiently built a discography of incendiary short-length releases, each one bolder and more savage than its predecessor.

Truly, there are few other sounds around as unique and illuminating as theirs – an endless vortex of chaos magick, in-the-red frequencies, ritualistic fervor and righteous fury – and Hells Headbangers, longtime supporters of the band, are excited to be working with a horde like Nyogthaeblisz on their next releases. The first fruit of this unholy union will be the power-trio’s long-awaited debut album, Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurptation, which is currently being worked on and is tentatively slated for release later this year.

A statement from founding Nyogthaeblisz vocalist/guitarist X.S. reads: “The band came into existence in 2002 after I had been engaging in contact with a ‘daemonic’ entity via meditation. The band is currently composed of the original members, A.X. and myself, and we will be initiating a new member into our sect whose name will be revealed in the near future. Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurptation will include eight ceremonial daggers to the throat of the Tetragrammaton in the odious spirit of both Progenitors of Mankind’s Annihilation [2003] and the split with Goatpenis, except pushed further in terms of extremity.”

Concluding, X.S. proclaims, “May the revolutionary fires of the Great Adversary ignite within the daemonic spirit of Man a seething revolt against the centuries of ‘divine’ ignominy, enslavement, and persecution; may it herald a merciless upheaval of all inferior societal foundations, initiate a violent dismantling of fallacious religio-political institutions, and inaugurate the absolute temporal/spiritual destruction of all earthly bodies subservient to the enslaver Godhead, YHWH! Lo, let the awakening Satanic Archetype in Man radiate furiously and disintegrate all utopian moral and ethical constructs; may its cruel rays cremate the detritus of all usurped ideals, failed doctrines, and obsolete metaphysical systems! Let it be here, upon the vanquished remnants of the pious, that in a single utterance the Satanic Archetype nullify the ‘holy’ ordering principle of the Tetragrammaton and exalt only the chaotic singularity of its own daemonic being: XEPER-I-SATAN!”



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