GODFLESH: New Song ‘Ringer’ Available For Streaming

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“Ringer”, a brand new song from reformed U.K. industrial metal pioneers GODFLESH, can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below (courtesy of Pitchfork). The track is taken from the band’s new EP, “Decline & Fall”, which will be released on June 26 in the U.S. via GODFLESH frontman Justin K. Broadrick‘s Avalanche Recordings. The Japanese version of the EP will include two bonus songs.

“Decline & Fall” track listing:

01. Ringer
02. Dogbite
03. Playing With Fire
04. Decline & Fall
+ 2 Japan-only bonus tracks

GODFLESH released its first new recording in over 12 years through Decibel magazine’s Flexi Series. A cover of the track “F.O.D. (Fuck of Death)” by legendary death thrashers SLAUGHTER (Canada) was included in the subscriber version of the magazine’s November 2013 issue.

In an interview with the French radio station Le 106Justin K. Broadrick stated about the band’s forthcoming album — which is tentatively titled “A World Lit Only By Fire” and due in September— “It will be [musically] similar to the first two or three [GODFLESH albums]. I just think, like we’re playing these shows, we feel very pure about we’re doing and honoring the initial intentions with what we originally set out to do. Which, I think, like most bands and musicians and all the rest of it, by the time you get on to your fourth album, it’s somewhat of a dilution going on to what you initially tried to achieve. It will definitely sound aggressive and it probably won’t sound like any of the other records we’ve made, but it will have the minimalism of the first few records.”

Added GODFLESH bassist G.C. Green: “It won’t sound like the first two record; it will be more the spirit… When you make records over the years, you change as people, you change as musicians, you progress, you develop and you take other styles on, but I think, having had a break from it and come back to it, it seems that we’ve gone straight back into what the essence of it was originally, and that’s why it feels good.”

Continued Justin: “It’s getting straight back to the core of what this is all about. And I think having a break from it has probably even more inspired… It’s like refocusing and obviously, we’re somewhat older and wiser. It’s gonna be a really interesting record. It’s extremely minimal and very, very brutal — a fairly unforgiving record, really, I think.”

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Godflesh - Decline & Fall


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