Album Review: Rude – Soul Recall

Rude - Soul Recall

Rude [USA]
Soul Recall
Full Length
FDA Rekotz
Death Metal

Since 2008, American death/thrash metal band Rude has gone back and forth between names, with the time between 2010 and 2011 seeing the band being renamed as Forsaker before returning back to their original moniker of Rude again thereafter. 3 years on, the band releases their debut full length album, and with Rude citing Bathory and Celtic Frost as original influences, one can be sure for one hell of an old school album with Soul Recall.

Yet from the first hyperactive notes and moments of HauntedRude quickly brings to mind pioneering American death metal bands such as Morbid AngelAutopsy and Master, especially with the drumming of Antonio and that wall of noise that is created by guitarists Yusef and David. The howling vocals of Yusef even brings in some resemblance of Obituary or Pestilence, with the similarities with the latter being more obvious with that thrashy onslaught that Rude presents on Soul Recall. The at times chaotic guitar solos that are intertwined with soaring, melodic leads also strengthen that Morbid Angel resemblance, and moments such as these easily reminds one of the wizardry of such guitarists as Trey Azagthoth or Kerry King. Album closer Internal Ascension even brings in some slight Incantation moments with the sense of doom that is emanated, along with that ominous lead guitars that create a suffocating atmosphere for the listener.

One other thing that makes Soul Recall such a remarkable album is also the production quality, with the band indulging in a sound that is sufficiently raw yet doesn’t bury any of the members in the mix. For instance, the bass of Jason is always rather prominent, providing the band with a nice, low-end growl and a rather warm sound for an old school release.

The playing style of Rude easily showcases all the influences that have gone into their sound, and along with all the other factors such as the visuals of the album and the imagery that is conjured makes Soul Recall an album that would have fit in comfortably with death metal releases of the 80s and early 90s.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Rude on the internet:
FDA Rekotz


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