ATHEIST Frontman’s STONES OF MADNESS Releases Debut EP

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STONES OF MADNESS, the Florida band formed by Scott Thompson (DRY KILL LOGIC) and ATHEIST/NEUROTICA frontman Kelly Shaefer, has released its self-titled debut EP on the Berlin-based U-Motion Records. The artwork was created by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENTATHEISTHATEBREED). A full-length album in the works now with Scott “Scoob” Bush at Timeline Studios in Ft. Myers, Florida, where the EP was also recorded.

“I’m so happy it’s finally out,” says Shaefer. “I really couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this EP; I think it’s a beast! Working with Scott Thompson and Scoob as producers really took my vocals in a direction I might not have ventured to. I was able to find some new voices and textures and three-part harmonies are running through the whole record while the music, for the first time in my career, had no hands of mine on it. It allowed me to just sing.”

STONES OF MADNESS will perform on June 7 at the Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida and will schedule dates throughout the summer.

Tentatively due in October, STONES OF MADNESS‘ full-length debut will include a “stunning” cover version of the classic RUSH song “Working Man”, which STONES OF MADNESS has been playing in at recent live shows.

A video for the EP’s next single, “I See The Wave”, will be shot in the next few weeks.

The “Hostility” clip was directed by STONES OF MADNESS guitarist Shawn Bowen and the rest of the band, and was shot in the group’s hometown of Sarasota, Florida. The song is described in a press release as “an anthemic, harmony filled track full of piss and vinegar, lyrically entertaining the bitterness relationships seem to conjure up.”

Formed in 2011, STONES OF MADNESS includes ThompsonShaefer, former NEUROTICA members G.J. Gosman (drums) and Shawn Bowen, along with Julia Simms (bass).

STONES OF MADNESS is a slightly different venture for ScottKellyShawn and G.J. who come from more aggressive metal backgrounds. But this project shows how truly diverse their influences really are.

Kelly previously described the STONES OF MADNESS material as “big thick guitars, along with some fucking big catchy vocals…. bashers to sing along with, cranked to 11, of course.”

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Stones of Madness - Stones of Madness


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