EYEHATEGOD: Long-Awaited New Full-Length Streaming In Its Entirety At Pitchfork

Next Tuesday, New Orleans iconic riff manglers, EYEHATEGOD, will unleash their first new full-length in nearly 15 years!

Assembled and financed entirely by the band along with US label partners, Housecore Records, the eleven-track long player is already reaping critical adoration from media giants nationally. Metal Insider gushes, “This entire album at times feels like being engulfed by a wet blanket on a 90-degree day. Run as you might, you won’t be able to escape the monolithic stream of transmitted sludge oozing ever closer, engulfing everything in its path, the world itself swallowed whole one feedback doused note at a time. To say that this album is a triumphant return, or ‘the album we’ve all been waiting for’ are elephantine understatements. This album holds its own against some of the best of their canon and that alone makes it one of the best metal albums you’ll hear this year,” in a 10/10 rating, Hellbound notes, “it’s all killer, no filler,” while HeavyPlanet adds, “These sounds transcend the decades of abuse, both inflicted and received. They could have been laid to tape in 1988 and they’ll still resonate decades from now. Call it a refreshing helping of cold truth or a self-inflicted road to warped relapse. Another in a storied, weathered history of blooze-metal NOLA cocktails,EYEHATEGOD find their mark and fucking nail it.” Additionally, EYEHATEGOD graces the cover of the July 2014 edition of Decibel Magazine (with an included flexi disc for subscribers!)

In celebration of its release, Pitchfork is currently streaming Eyehategod in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.



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