MANTAK Announces Details For Upcoming Album ‘Morbid Deathfuck’

Mantak 2014

The Malaysian Extreme Metal desecrator MANTAK will release its fifth full length assault worldwide, entitled ‘Morbid Deathfuck’ under New Zealand’s new extreme metal label Hell’s Vomit Productions on CD format. A cassette format for the album will be released under Inconspiracy Records, limited to 333 copies. A 12″ LP edition is under negotiation, with more details to follow.

‘Morbid Deathfuck’ features 8 new sacrilegiously aggressive black/death metal assault, and was recorded at Eyes&Ears Studio @ RAM Studio in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) and mixed and mastered at the Route 33 Papar (Malaysia) by Mr Tajul Anderz. The cover artwork was handled by Lord Sickness 666.

‘Morbid Deathfuck’ tracklisting:

Morbid Deathfuck

Bloodlust Of The Hatred
Witchfuck Torment
Deathcrush To The Bones
Wolflustruktionz Rogolized
Satan’s Gonna Fuck You !
Speedfuckalypse Holocaustor
Manifestation Of The Plague
The tracks, ‘Manifestation of the Plague’, ‘Wolflustruktionz Rogolized’, ‘Morbid Deathfuck’ and ‘Bloodlust of the Hatred’ can be streamed below.

Mantak - Morbid Deathfuck


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