Album Review: Incarnated – Try Before Die

Incarnated - Try Before Die

Incarnated [Poland]
Try Before Die
Full Length
Selfmadegod Records
Brutal Death Metal

Almost 8 years after the release of their last full length album, Polish death squad Incarnated this year finally releases their third full length album, Try Before Die. While these death metal veterans have been practising their craft since 1992, Try Before Die will be my first encounter with the band, and already the bloody cover artwork has managed to sufficiently capture my attention, reminding one of the good old days of gory extremity.

Zombieland creates a post-apocalyptic setting for Incarnated for the upcoming onslaught, building up the climax before all hell break loose. The first riffs of Thomas and Pierscien hits the listener without any mercy, and the abrasive tone of their guitars as well as the riffing style quickly reminds one of early Swedish death metal bands such as Nihilist and Vomitory, with the vocals of Pierscien adding a nice touch of brutality on top of the relentless aural assault that the axe-wielding duo provide. Bartosh aids in adding that crushing touch as well with the tireless blast beats that engulfs the listener from the start all the way through to the end of Try Before Die. In displaying their influences and overtones as well, the alternating between the more extreme and merciless blasting style and hyperactive d-beats, like on Second Side (Out of Mind) also brings about some Autopsy or Dismember comparisons.

Unfortunately, it is also this tireless drumming of Bartosh that is the slight downside of Try Before Die as well. The rather heavy focus on speed, precision and technicality on Bartosh’s side stands in rather stark contrast to everything else that’s going on in Incarnated, and though this isn’t a bad thing in itself, Bartosh’s drumming sounds almost mechanical in comparison to the wall of noise that is provided by Thomas and Pierscien. However, for speed maniacs, the ease with whcih Bartosh unleashes the countless instances of blast beats and rolls will be a delight.

Overall though, Incarnated‘s third full length effort is still a pretty enjoyable one for fans of Swedish death metal looking for an album that is more brutal with a tinge of grind included.

[xrr rating=3/5]

Incarnated on the internet:
Official website
Selfmadegod Records


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