ELECTRIC HELLRIDE: ‘Come Darkness, Come Light’ Available For Download

Today the 5th of May the new EP from Danish ELECTRIC HELLRIDE called ”Come Darkness, Come Light” is released. It is out on cd, vinyl, and even free download. The first reviews prior to the release date have all been very positive.

Music in a physical form is important to the band members. Both a CD (digipak) version and a vinyl version is available. The latter is especially something that the members are very enthusiastic about. Casper Villumsen (bass/vocals) explains:

“The vinyl version of “Come Darkness, Come Light” is our finest product yet. The artwork from Tunguska really shows its full potential on the large 12” format. The vinyl itself is 180 g and 45 RPM for best possible audio quality. The packaging is also very nice with its cool innersleeve with lyrics and graphics. Also the sound is special: the producer on the recording made a different master for the vinyl release. Compared to the cd-master it is a bit less compressed offering even more dynamics to the sound image and that really suits the warm vinyl sound well”

The free download is available here: http://electrichellride.bandcamp.com

The physical release can be purchased here: http://electrichellride.bigcartel.com

Physical sale in selected shops are being worked out at the moment so follow the band’s Facebook in the next weeks:www.facebook.com/electrichellride

Electric Hellride - Come Darkness, Come Light


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