Album Review: Morbid Flesh – Embedded in the Ossuary

Morbid Flesh - Embedded in the Ossuary

Morbid Flesh [Spain]
Embedded in the Ossuary
Unholy Prophecies
Death Metal

Spain has been producing a steady stream of quality death metal releases, whether in the realm of brutal, old school death metal such as Avulsed or Christ Denied or in the form of Swedish old school death metal with bands like Graveyard showing the spread of that particular brand of death metal. Since 2002, Morbid Flesh has unleashed their relentless brand of old school Swedish death metal, and Embedded in the Ossuary is the band’s latest release.

The band sets up a rather sombre mood with the first riffs of C. and Gusi having a melancholic touch to them, and along with the doom pace that the band takes on opening track Entrance to the Ossuary, one could easily mistake the band for one that plays in the emotional death/doom genre of bands like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. But things speed up quickly as soon as Charnel House begins, and the adrenaline rush quickly kicks in with the heavy old school Swedish death metal influences that could be spotted, from the groovy and chunky riffs that are reminiscent of the death ‘n’ roll of Entombed to the aggression and abrasiveness of bands like Grave and Dismember.

Like any good Swedish death metal records, the themes of horror, gore and chaos are key, and Morbid Flesh ensures that such elements are not neglected on Embedded in the Ossuary. Chaotic leads are aplenty on the release, and the band also creates a sense of unease through their songwriting, alternating between the faster-paced moments with doom-paced ones, ensuring that there is constant tension in the air, and moments such as these further reinforce that Grave comparison, reminding one of their latest opus Endless Procession of Souls.

While nothing particularly special that makes Embedded in the Ossuary stand out from other recent Swedish death metal releases, Morbid Flesh nevertheless ensures that fans of Swedish death metal will not be disappointed, and is a worthy addition to the collection for fans of the genre.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Morbid Flesh on the internet:
Unholy Prophecies


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