Album Review: Decembre Noir – A Discouraged Believer

Decembre Noir - A Discouraged Believer

Décembre Noir [Germany]
A Discouraged Believer
Full Length
FDA Rekotz
Death/Doom Metal

Formed in 2008, it will not be until this year that German melancholic band Décembre Noir releases their debut full length album, A Discouraged Believer. Already encountering much brutality from Germany, it is indeed refreshing to hear something of a more melodic nature out of the region, and Décembre Noir‘s debut certainly fits the bill.

The influences from early melancholic death/doom bands such as Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride are immediately obvious from the start, as guitarist Sebastian and Marcel, along with drummer Daniel manage to churn out riffs that are crushing as fuck, yet heavily emotional and melodic at the same time. The thick growls of Lars helps to further increase the emotional aspect of the album, and the desperation and sadness that is in the lyrics of the band easily hits home with the listener.

The thing on A Discouraged Believer, as on many other death/doom album is in the way Décembre Noir manages to keep things extremely heavy throughout, with the doomish riffs of Sebastian and Marcel at times causing the listener to feel heavy-hearted. And as if the listening experience itself weren’t depressive enough, the lead guitar lines that are included on the album are drenched in sorrow and sadness, and this apart from the clever usage of the clean guitars and the keyboards to create an already negative backdrop.

Unfortunately, with such a record, one would almost expect a nice, thick production to bring out the heaviness in the music unleashed by the band as well as the emotions, but on A Discouraged Believer, the production is rather thin, and while the music of Décembre Noir is more than sufficient to bring across their message of hopelessness to the listener, the sound of the album fails to let A Discouraged Believer really shine.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Décembre Noir on the internet:
FDA Rekotz


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