Interview with Giang

Vietnam is not one of the first places one would think about when talking about metal, let along extreme metal. Giang is the first black metal band out of the country that I encounter, and the recent demo unleashed has certainly left an impression. We talk to band mastermind to find out more. – Tempest by heavymetaltribune

HMT: Greetings Giang! Before we start the interview, would it be possible to tell us a little history about your black metal project, Giang?

Giang is my black metal project , started in july .This is a project prepare for a long time . Before i choose going alone , I have not played with band. . Because play with band will slow down my work . Anyway , i always want to play with band , but not in this country . I try with other name for this project , but name ” Giang” is my best choose . Giang is me , only me , simple .

You also have a noise project as well. What was it that inspired you to start playing black metal?

I listen black metal 4 years ago . Many many band . But inspired me is Hypothermia , Endless Dismal Moan , Striborg , Alcest , Nocturnal Depression , Xasthur ,Trist , Gris ….. and more . I found beautiful melody when i hear depressive black metal genre .

When you first started playing black metal, what was the reason behind simply naming it after yourself, instead of coming up with another name?

Like ( 1 ) , i play music , not play name . My mind always change , I feel stupid when i choose another name . It make my music theme limited .

Vietnam is certainly not a place one would think of when dealing with metal. How did the exposure to metal, particularly extreme metal first begin for yourself?

Internet ! . Metal is not popular in Vietnam but is still have alot of crazy metalhead . We can found metal album on internet and sharing with other people . Together listen extreme music . alcohol , smoking , playing guitar , make extreme show . They have a group , forum ,cafe for metal fan . Only passion will survive on my country . This is underground music scene in Vietnam

Let us now talk about your demo, Traumatic. When writing the music and lyrics for Traumatic, were there any running themes or concepts that were going through your head? If so, what were they?

When i started this project , i begin record now . i thinking the ” theme ” , something like darkness , ancient , reality , depression . And i writing music ., some riff , some melody come to me .Then i began to develop them . After 2 weeks record at home , Traumatic is complete .

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing the lyrics on Traumatic?

From dream , life , poem , book , video game …. . Lyric and vocal is the last part when my song complete . This part is difficult for me

The music on Traumatic ranges from cold, bleak Norwegian influenced black metal to more unconventional, ambient-styled music such as on Night. What were the influences when writing Traumatic, in particular the non-metal influences?

The best influence when i composing ” Traumatic ” is my emotions . I want combine various elemental for my music . Like old school , classical , down-tempo and ambient . ” Giang” is unlimited genre , but still keep black metal element . I don’t care what is ” true” or ” fake” black metal , i just shut up and play .

The track that was particularly interesting was Night, which featured a somewhat calming effect and soundscape of a night scene. What was the inspiration behind the writing of that track, and what is the significance of it in the demo?

” Night ” is reality , this is the important track on this album . This track describes the man walking on the street , and he feel wandering when he live in this world . Dreaming , going to the darkness of his life . I want make reality element for Traumatic .

What was the songwriting process like as well, especially for tracks like Night?

I use my synth , record atmosphere for create dark ambient and arrange this . I have a lot of my ambient track . “Night” is my favorited ambient track . Is not difficult for make this track because i have a ideas .

There are also 2 other instrumental tracks, Lead Yourself to the Failure and Windflower. Why the inclusion of so many instrumental tracks?

Because i like that .Yeah !

On top of the guitars and vocals, you also handle the synths and the programming of the drums on Traumatic. There are also hints of classical music influences in the album. What is your musical background and history?

My major instrument is classical piano . I study piano for 11 years . In 2007 , Death metal is first genre i listen . I found Cannibal corpse – in vietnamese rock forum , this band make me strong , and i want know more about metal . I begin self recording , composing first metal song but all failed . Is very difficult to play alone , i want join some band and play extreme music , and failed again . so i realized : ” That is not what I’m looking for I thought I should not rely on them anymore , only I know what i need ” . And i quit , i keep listen more music .

In 2009 , i found Harsh Noise genre , is loud and chaotic . This genre is “freedom” . That is what i need to find . i practice with guitar , pedal effect , microphone . Make some new analog sound . Performance and recording . And i know what is electronic music .

On this year , i self study more instrument , progaming , composer . Finally, I could create music i want . Metal is my inspiration , Noise is my freedom

Being the first band that we interview from Vietnam, would it be possible to tell us more about the Vietnamese metal scene? What are some of the bands that we should check out?

Metal scene in Vietnam currently going down and i dont want to care about this . But if you interested , you can check : “Disgusted” , this is only band still play death metal in Vietnam . You can check this band on metal-archives .

We have come to the end of the interview, thanks for answering our questions!

Thanks for this interview , keep metal my friend !

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